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Activities in the Philippines

Technical Cooperation

List of Activities under Training Program Section

Group and Region Focus

List of courses for JFY 2019

Main Sector Course Title
Agricultural Development
1 Branding and Marketing of Products utilizing local resources(B)
2 Practical Plant Quarantine Techniques for Export of Agricultural Products (Treatment for Disinfestation of Fruit Flies)
3 Regional agribusiness promotion by the value chain building in Asian region-For high value-added local food supply-
4 Plant Variety Protection and Quality Control System of Seeds to Facilitate Distribution of High Quality Seeds
5 Rural Development through creating Agricultural Value Chain (Value addition to Livestock Products)
6 Maintenance, Operation and Management of Irrigation Facilities(A)
7 Establishment and Development of Farmers' Organizations
8 ICT (Information and Communication Technology) for Agricultural Information Use -aiming at practical skills acquisition-
9 Agricultural Extension Planning and Management
10 Enhancing Capacity for sustainable fisheries development
11 Local Industry Development through the Enhancement of Hygiene and Quality Management for Animal-Sourced Foods: milk, meat and egg
12 Small-scale Inland Aquaculture
13 Value-chain Development for Sustainable Use of Fisheries Resources
14 Vegetable Production Technology for Livelihood Improvement of Small Scale Farmers
Disaster Risk Reduction
15 Promotion of Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction
16 Disaster Management for Sediment-related Disasters(Landslide, Debris Flow, Flash Flood and Volcanic Mudflow)
17 Seismology, Earthquake Engineering, and Tsunami Disaster Mitigation
18 Reinforcement of Meteorological Services
19 Improvement of Disaster Education System
20 Flood disaster risk reduction
Economic Policy
21 Bond Market Development in ASEAN Countries(II)
22 International Seminar on Taxation (General)
23 International Seminar on Taxation (Advanced)
24 International Taxation for Asian Countries
25 Monetary Policy and Central Bank Operations-Sharing Practical Experiences among Asian Countries
26 Improvement of Education in Remote Areas - For the Achievement of SDGs(A)
27 Enhancement of Training Management in Vocational Training Institutions(A)
28 Practical Human Resource Development in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
29 Human Resources Development Administration
Environmental Management
30 Enhancement of Solid Waste Management Capacity for Waste Power Generation
31 Capacity building for development and implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions in Climate Change
32 Sewage and Urban Drainage Management
Gender and Development
33 Promotion of networking among ASEAN countries on anti-Trafficking in Persons
34 Control of Drug Offences
35 Competition Law and Policy -Laying the Foundation for Promoting Competition-
36 Counter International Terrorism
37 Treatment of Offenders (Focus on Prison, Probation and Parole)
38 Community Policing
39 International Criminal Investigation
40 Organization Management for Senior Police Officers
41 Enhancement of Local Government Administration and Public Services through Participatory Local Development
42 Community Based Development with Local Residents as Main Actors
43 Field Epidemiology to strengthen the preparedness for the severe infectious disease outbreaks(for Managers)
44 Strengthening laboratory techniques and surveillance system for global control of HIV and related infectious diseases
45 Ending TB and AMR in the Era of UHC - Hands-on Knowledge and Skill Development for Laboratory Leaders-
46 Ending TB in the Era of Universal Health Coverage toward Sustainable Development Goals
47 Improvement of Maternal Health
Information and Communication Technology(Utilization of ICT)
48 Improving ICT policy promotion skills utilizing standards -overcome challenges by deployment of ICT infrastructure
49 Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting (DTTB) Policy and Engineering
50 Capacity Building in Policy Formation for Enhancement of Measures to Ensure Cybersecurity in ASEAN Region
51 Defense Practice against Cyber Attacks
Natural Resources and Energy
52 Renewable Energy and Diesel Power Operation in Small Islands
53 Intensive Training for Geothermal Resource Engineers
54 Mining Course (Managerial post)
55 Power Distribution Grid(A)
Nature Conservation
56 Tropical forest management using the JJ-FAST, an ALOS-2 -based forest monitoring system, and other satellite technologies
57 Sustainable Forestry Management with Community Participation
58 Coastal and Marine Ecosystem Conservation through Collaborative Management of Marine Protected Areas
59 Ecotourism for Officials on Nature Conservation
60 Disaster Reconstruction Assistance
Private Sector Development
61 Planning and Management of Eco-Tourism in Tropical and Subtropical Areas(A)
62 Capacity Development in Sustainable Tourism -Based on Japanese Tradition "Omotenashi (Hospitality)"-
63 Maritime Search and Rescue, Maritime Disaster Prevention, and Marine Environment Protection for Coast Guard Officials
64 Maritime Safety and Security Policy Program
65 Seminar on Aviation Security
66 Maritime Law Enforcement
67 Ship Safety
68 Capacity Development for Port Facility Security
69 Road Maintenance(C)
70 Road Administration
71 Bridge Maintenance
72 Level Up Training for Operation and Management Organization of Urban Railways
73 Comprehensive Bridge Engineering
74 Practical Technology on Intelligent Transport System (ITS)
75 Urban Railways Management
76 Sustainable Port Development and Planning (for Port Engineer)
77 Strategic Port Administration and Management
78 Comprehensive Expressway Engineering
79 The total planning of airport construction, management and maintenance
80 Infrastructure Management System for Road Administration
81 Road Asset Management(A)
Urban/Regional Development
82 Public Participation, Consensus Building and Resettlement in Public Works Project
83 Planning and Management of National Mapping and Surveying
Water Resources
84 Water Supply Administration for Better Management of Water Supply Services(B)


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