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Activities in Serbia

Introduction of Projects

The Project for Improvement of Breast Cancer Early Detection System

Background of the Project :

Annual mortality rate of breast cancer is very high in Serbia. One of the most effective methods to decrease the rate is regular mammography screening. It is, therefore, necessary to develop the capacity of medical institutions and human resources in Serbia.

At the request of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, JICA conducted preparatory surveys of this project in 2009. The survey teams had discussion with Serbian officials concerned and conducted field surveys at the target institutions. Based on the successful results of the surveys, the Government of Japan approved the above mentioned Project in May 2010. The objective of this Project is to improve screening and early detection of breast cancer through provision of medical equipment. For this purpose, JICA will provide mammographic units and relevant equipment to 39 medical institutions. As part of the project, development of manuals and training of the medical staff will also be conducted for the accuracy and quality control of the mammographic image. In addition, training programs will be provided in Japan to strengthen early detection system of Serbia for breast cancer.

  • Project type : Grant Aid
  • Project objective : A great number of people have a medical check-up for breast cancer
    A higher early-stage (cancer tissue less than 2cm) detection rate for breast cancer
  • Project site: 39 health facilities in Serbia
  • Duration : June 2010 − August 2012
  • Executing Organization : Ministry of Health
  • Project outputs
    1)To procure and to install the medical equipment into the facilities in Serbia
    2)To train the radiologists and radiographers before installation
    3)To produce manuals and to conduct workshop and seminar for technical quality / accuracy control of mammography and X-ray film processor
    4)To produce manuals and to conduct workshop and seminar for instruction in quality control of radiographic images and image interpretation environment


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