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Activities in Serbia

Training in Japan

(1) Description

JICA invites specialists and government officials to Japan and, in cooperation with Japanese government institutions, local governments, corporations, and universities, provides them with the knowledge and technical expertise required in their countries. The participants are also introduced to Japanese business and culture, and other activities are undertaken to strengthen the bonds of friendship between the two countries.

(2) KCCP Group and Region Focus Training in JFY2023

Knowledge Co-Creation Program (KCCP) Group and Region Focus trainings scheduled for fiscal 2023 (April 2023 to March 2024) are listed below.

No. Course Title Thematic Issue Deadline for application Course duration
1. Competition Law and Policy-Laying the Foundation for Promoting Competition Governance TBD TBD
2. The Role of Media Democratic Countries - Access to Information and Function as a watchdog Governance TBD TBD
3. Community Based Development with Local Resident as Main Actors Governance TBD TBD
4. Strengthening Inclusive Education System for Children with Disabilities - for learning and living Together Education TBD TBD
5. Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities Social Security TBD TBD
6. Human Resource Development for Creating Tourism Destination for Sustainable Tourism Private Sector Development TBD TBD
7. Business Development Services for Enterprise Competitiveness (Advanced Kaizen) Private Sector Development TBD TBD
8. Development Market Oriented Export Promotion Strategy/Marketing strategy (A) Private Sector Development TBD TBD
9. Investment Promotion and Business Environment Reform Private Sector Development TBD TBD
10. Enhancement of Entrepreneurship and Startup Ecosystem Private Sector Development TBD TBD
11. Urban Public Transport (Railway, MRT, Bus, etc.) Urban/Regional Development TBD TBD
12. Traffic Safety Transportation TBD TBD
13. Ecosystem-Based Solutions for Disaster Risk Reduction Nature Conservation TBD TBD
14. Technology for Solid Waste Management with Recycling Promotion for Sound Material Cycle Society Environmental Management TBD TBD
15. Solid waste management in Partnership with Private Sector and Civil Society Environmental Management TBD TBD
16. Water Related Disaster Risk Reduction Disaster Risk Reduction Mar 13, 2023 In Japan: May 14 - June 14, 2023


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