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Message from the Resident Representative

Venezuela is a high potential country which is rich in natural resources such as petroleum, natural gas, iron ore and also has a beautiful natural environment.

Japan's Official Development Assistance to Venezuela was started in 1959, when the first Venezuelan technical participant was trained in Japan. In 1988, it was singed the technical cooperation agreement by the both governments and has established the base of the bilateral technical cooperation. Then after, it was signed the agreement of the dispatch of Japanese Volunteers (JOCV) in 2000, and the JOCV office was opened in Caracas in 2003 when the first Japanese volunteers arrived at Venezuela. From 2006 up to now, the JICA Venezuela office has been a place to contact to all the JICA's program not only the volunteers program but also training program and others.

Venezuela has been already developed to the certain level of the economic standard, so that JICA has been cooperating in the sector of environment and disaster prevention, considering that it will be the country graduated from the Official Development Assistance (ODA) in future;

Venezuela is carrying out the social reform which is called ‘Bolivar revolution' and has a strong influence to the Latin American and Caribbean countries, so that we should work together for promoting the socio-economic development in these regions, and we will do our best to contribute for the establishment of the human network and reliable relationship between Japan and Venezuela as a good development partner.

SUGAYA Shigeyuki, Resident Representative
JICA Venezuela Office


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