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JICA Training Program

Who are eligible for JICA TRAINING?

JICA provides training to Bangladesh Government Officials engaged in different fields of the country's socio-economic development and for the Organizations which are approved by the Government of Bangladesh. The purpose of these programs is to equip the trainees with specialized knowledge and skills to enable them to enhance their contribution to the human resource development of the country.

JICA has no program for financial support such as; course fee, air ticket, hotel accommodation etc. to individuals (other than JICA training participant or program offered by JICA).

Selection of courses for Bangladesh
The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) conducts more than 300 courses every year. However, all courses are not allocated for Bangladesh.

Every year JICA conducts an Annual Planning Survey in order to assess the training needs of Bangladesh Government. Following the survey, the number of participants and courses are determined for the coming Fiscal Year. The list of approximate 400 programs, schedule of the training programs that JICA will conduct are conveyed from the Japanese Embassy/JICA to the Japan Branch, Economic Relations Division (ERD), M/O Finance at the beginning of each Fiscal Year (FY starts in April). ERD after consultation with Ministries concerned select 100 (approx.) courses in accordance with their priority.

After confirmation from JICA HQ, the number of courses for each fiscal year is determined.

Announcement of training courses
(For Group Training Courses, Long Term Training, Country/Area Focused & Youth Invitation Program):

The General Information Booklets (GIs) are sent to ERD (Japan Branch), providing a detailed description of each course, which includes the curriculum, qualifications/criteria for participation. Because various courses are held at different times, GIs are sent to the Aid Coordinating Organization (ERD) when they are available (at least 3 months prior to the starting date of each course).

JICA issues an Offer Letter to ERD (Japan Branch) to invite application for its courses. The letter is also forwarded to the M/O Establishment. (M/O Establishment has an Allocation Committee which is in charge of allocating all foreign training/scholarship to ministries/departments concerned).

Official announcement for all JICA Training are made through the Japan Branch, Economic Relations Division (ERD). JICA Bangladesh does not communicate or circulate such information directly to any Ministry/Department/Organization/Individual.


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