Activities in Bangladesh

Overall Goal and strategy

Accelerating sustainable economic growth with equity and bringing people out of poverty towards becoming a middle income country.

Under the following 9 programs, JICA will support the vitalization of economic activities of the country and measures to overcome social vulnerability with a view to backing the country's efforts to achieve economic growth and to bring people out of poverty through sustainable growth with equity.



Priority 1: Accelerating Economic Growth

  • 1. POWER & ENEGY(*1)ensures sustainable economic development from top to bottom of the society by diversified cooperation
  • 2. TRANSPORT(*2)generates a positive cycle of economic growth, improving supply chain and reducing poverty
  • 3. URBAN DEVELOPMENT(*3)supports growth of urban areas through proper infrastructure development with environment and social consideration
  • 4. PRIVATE SECTOR(*4)paves the way for the future development of Bangladesh through investment, job creation and access to finance

Priority 2: Addressing Social Vulnerability

  • 5. Attractive, substantive and practical EDUCATION(*5)is a basis of social and economic growth
  • 6. Building robust HEALTH(*6)systems towards healthy and wealthy Bangladesh
  • 7. Good GOVERNANCE(*7)- efficient and effective service delivery with transparency in central and local government- is solid basis for national integrity
  • 8. Rural infrastructure development and improvement of AGRICURTUAL(*8)productivity for activation of rural economy and poverty reduction
  • 9. DISASTER(*9)Risk Reduction – Prevention, Mitigation, Rehabilitation & Recovery- and reinforced governance is fundamental of resilient society

Other than technical cooperation, ODA loan and grant aid, JICA provide training programs and volunteer activities.

Map of JICA Major Projects in Bangladesh