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The JICA Alumni Association of Bangladesh was established in November 1979 with the hope to build a link between the ex-participants after returning to their home country. As of March 2012 the Association has a total number of 1713 members. To enhance its various activities, the Association has formed an Executive Committee consisting of 25 members. Dr. Khondaker Showkat Hossain, Secretary, Ministry of Housing & Public Works is the current President of the Association. The Association is engaged in different types of activities, which are as follows:

General Activities

  • Operation of the Association - an Annual General Meeting (AGM) holds to review and evaluate the activities of the association. Besides AGM, members of the Executive Committee meet once a month to monitor its activities.
  • Information Source for its Members - the Association publishes quarterly ‘Newsletters' and annual magazine 'Sunshine' to provide information on its various activities.
  • To Encourage Friendship Among its Members - cultural functions, picnics and other events like sports tournaments are arranged by the Association for its members and their families. It is also organizing reception of meritorious students to encourage the future generation of Bangladesh.
  • For Deeper Understanding of Japan - the Association organizes Japanese Language Courses and Ikebana courses (Japanese Flower Arrangement) for its members and also for the general public

Social Activities

The Association raises funds among its members and helps the people in need during times of flood with cloths, food, medicine etc. The Association members also provided winter clothes to the poor. Every year the association is organizing Free Medical Camp which supports the lower income people.

To respond the distress condition caused by the current flood in Bangladesh, JICA Alumni Association distributed family kits (rice, pulse, potato, onion, candles, matches, chira, molasses, biscuits, ORSaline and medicine). Beside this, they also donated boats with boatmen for the flood affected people. The service was provided to the residents free of cost.

JICA Alumni Association of Bangladesh also supported for the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Moreover, every year the members arrange a Tree Plantation Ceremony, where they distribute plants/seeds to the village people. Besides it organizes Environmental Program and Cleanliness Program to raise the awareness of the general citizen of Bangladesh.

The Association organizes seminars on important development issue of Bangladesh.

Activities in Cooperation with JICA

  • Orientations are given to participants prior to their departure for training to Japan.
  • Extends cooperation to JICA Follow-up Teams and arrange interaction with ex- participants.
  • Organizes seminars in various sectors with the assistance of the ex-participants.
  • Japanese Language Class
  • Arrangement of Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement) courses especially for women for promoting cultural exchange
  • Association members offer the "Home-stay" program for the newly arrived JOCVs. Japanese volunteers meet the Bangladeshi culture through this program.

The members of the association have developed their capacity in their own field of expertise using the training at Japan. This knowledge sharing through JAAB activities also helped the other colleagues to know about Japanese society and Japanese culture.

The office of the Association is open from 05:00 pm. to 07:00pm. (Sunday to Thursday)

Address: Meherba Plaza' Room # 5-H
33, Topkhana Road (5th Floor)
Tel/Fax. 880-2-9561589

PhotoAnnual General Meeting

PhotoBengali New Year Celebration

PhotoCrest by JICA for contribution on Great East Japan Earthquake

PhotoHealth Camp 2012

PhotoAnnual Picnic

PhotoSeminar on CNCRP

PhotoSeminar on traffic congestion

PhotoEid Re-Union and Reception of Meritorious Students

PhotoEid Re-Union and Reception of Meritorious Students

PhotoTree Plantation


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