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The structure of the Bolivian economy is easily affected by international prices because agriculture, mining products and primary commodities such as natural gas account for roughly 80 percent of the country's total exports. Bolivia has an abundance of zinc, lead, lithium and other natural resources, and as Japan is one of the major export destinations for zinc and lead, the commercial and economic relationships between the two countries have grown strong. The uneven distribution of wealth has persisted for a long time historically, and the income disparity in Bolivia is today the greatest of any country in South America. With more than 45 percent of population belonging to the poorest class, the income level of Bolivia is the lowest among all the countries in South America. JICA's support to Bolivia is primarily focused on: 1) social development centering on human resource development, 2) improving productivity through regional development and 3) sustainable energy development.

Office Information
JICA Bolivia Office
Calle 22, N°8232, Edificio Centro Empresarial Calacoto, Piso 1, Zona Calacoto, La Paz, BOLIVIA
(Cajón Postal No.11447, La Paz, Bolivia)

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News & Features

January 28, 2019 Signing of Record of Discussions on Technical Cooperation Project with Bolivia: Support for the promotion of food value chains for agricultural products
November 1, 2018 Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress of Japan Talk Informally With Returned JOCVs and an NJV
July 23, 2018 Signing of Grant Agreement with Bolivia:Facilitating transportation and goods distribution through slope protection measures on a trunk road
July 4, 2018 ‘Viva Latin America! Deepening Ties With Japan’ Vol.4: A Japanese-Style Early Warning System Protects Peruvians
June 28, 2018 ‘Viva Latin America! Deepening Ties With Japan’ Vol.3: Making "Automobiles" the Pillar of the Economy: The Shape of Cooperation in the Semi-developed Country Mexico

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