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Message from the Chief Representative


Our Office of JICA in Cuba officially opened in January 2018, however, our cooperation activities dated back to the 1960s. Our agency implements Japan's international cooperation program in different areas, establishing close relationships with government agencies on the island. More than 500 Cuban specialists received training in Japan and numerous Japanese experts have provided their expertise in Cuba. Our activities focus on four key areas: agricultural development, health care, environmental issues and sustainable, social and economic development.

Currently, we are making our efforts to maintain our collaboration in the four key areas under the difficult circumstance of the Covid-19 pandemic. We further extend our communication with different organizations to cover other important issues, such as recycling, circular economy, ecotourism, food security, export of agricultural products, aquaculture, digitization of hospitals, renewable energies, urban transport, ageing population, industrial park, etc. We consider these issues not only as Cuba's challenges but also as its opportunities and potentials for the future development of the island.

More than 60 years have passed since the triumph of the Revolution, and Cuba maintains its equitable socio-economic model. Today, the country is updating this system and JICA wishes to accompany the nation and its population on this path by sharing Japan's knowledge, experiences and technologies, hoping it strengthens the bilateral relation.

The presence of Japanese settlements in Cuba dates back more than 120 years and today there are more than 1,200 descendants in the country, Nikkei community, scattered throughout the island. Our Office has, among its missions, the support and collaboration to this community as another tool to fortify the bondage between Cuba and Japan.

The Office of JICA Cuba keeps its door open and welcomes any comments and interests from not only governmental institutions, but also civil organizations, NGOs, universities, research institutes and their investigators and students that have the interest of sharing ideas and establishing connections with our Agency. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

MITAMURA Tatsuhiro
Chief Representative


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