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The economy of Djibouti is dominated by the service sector, which accounts for 76.6 percent of its GDP. It is largely derived from the strategic location, providing income opportunities from transportation of goods to Ethiopia, port services, hosting of French and US military bases, and foreign aid. Although the recent inflow of refugees from Somalia and other neighboring countries has affected the economy, the strong trade activities with Ethiopia as well as port services have created a relatively firm base for stable economic growth. However, the benefits of this growth have not been evenly distributed among different regions, and the economic disparity between urban and rural areas has widened significantly. In addition, repeated droughts caused by climate change have had negative impact on agricultural and livestock productivity in rural areas. JICA's support to Djibouti is primarily focused on water, energy, strengthening the Coast Guard (to boost the capacity to secure maritime safety), and vocational training.

Office Information
JICA Djibouti Office
Rue de Kampala, I lot du Heron, Djibouti, Republique de Djibouti
(B.P. 2627, Djibouti, Republique de Djibouti)

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June 9, 2022 Activities in Djibouti
April 21, 2022 Message from the Chief Representative
March 18, 2022 Message from the Chief Representative
May 14, 2018 Message from the Chief Representative

News & Features

May 25, 2023 Signing of Grant Agreement with Djibouti
November 13, 2022 JICA Chair Special Lecture in Ethiopia and Djibouti by H.E. Koji Tsuruoka
December 17, 2021 Signing of Grant Agreement with Djibouti: Contributing to improvement of maritime safety and security in Djibouti’s territorial waters through deployment of patrol boats and a pontoon facility
June 1, 2021 The evolving “School for All” project: Expanding to 53,000 schools in eight African countries, promoting children’s learning, school lunches, and hand washing awareness
November 24, 2020 Signing of Grant Agreement with Djibouti:Contributing to the improvement of access to and the quality of basic education through constructing a combined primary and secondary school

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