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Africa Plaza


Africa News and Features

December 18, 2019 [Ethiopia][Press Releases] Signing of Grant Agreement with Ethiopia:Supporting improvement of roads in Addis Ababa through providing machines and equipment for road maintenance
December 13, 2019 [Mozambique][Press Releases] Signing of Grant Agreements with Mozambique: Contributing to the improvement of access and quality of secondary education and securing stable electric power in the northern interior region of the country
December 6, 2019 [Africa][From the Field] The 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics is awarded to development economists: How JICA utilizes their evidence and methodologies

What is TICAD? (Tokyo International Conference on African Development)


Every meeting is led by Japan, and co-organized by the United Nations, United Nations Development Programmed(UNDP), the World Bank and the African Union Commission (AUC). In principle, invitations to attend TICAD are extended to all African heads of state and government, as well as international organizations, donor countries, private companies and civil society organizations. Until TICAD V, the summit-level meetings were held every five years in Japan. From 2016 onwards, the TICAD has been held every three years, hosted alternately in Africa and Japan.

TICAD7 (2019)

TICAD7 was held in Yokohama, Japan from August 28 to 30, 2019 under the theme of "Advancing Africa's development through People, Technology and Innovation" with the participation of 53 African countries including 42 African leaders, development partner countries, international/regional organizations as well as representatives from private sector and civil society. As a result of the conference, "Yokohama Declaration 2019", which is based on the three pilars (below), was adopted.

  • Accelerating economic transformation and improving business environment through innovation and private sector engagement
  • Deepening sustainable and resilient society
  • Strengthening peace and stability

Reports on TICAD7

JICA Seminar Series


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JICA's Activities toward TICAD7

January 8, 2020 [Burundi] Towards a Sustainable and Resilient Society
December 19, 2019 [Guinea] Development Through Sustainable Use of Abundant Resources
December 19, 2019 [Gabon] Tackling Global Challenges With Local Perspectives
December 19, 2019 [Mali] Human development for peace and stability in Sahel
December 11, 2019 [Liberia] Rebuilding strong society after civil conflict and infectious disease outbreak



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