Hokkaido Center (Obihiro)


Hokkaido Center (Obihiro)

JICA Hokkaido Center (Obihiro) (JICA Obihiro) covers Eastern Hokkaido area, which is richly endowed with nature surrounded by mountains and oceans. This geographical feature developed the primary industries; agriculture, livestock farming, and fishery; contributing to the highest food self-sufficiency in Japan. The secondary and the tertiary industries which enhance and support the primary industries are also strong in this region.

JICA Obihiro has contributed to international cooperation with tremendous support from local citizens. We offer technical training programs mainly related to agriculture, livestock farming, and biodiversity conservation. The total number of participants from all over the world has exceeded 5,500 as of 2016.

As for Partnership Program (grass-root technical cooperation), JICA Obihiro has actively worked with local partners such as governments, business enterprises, and universities to support developing countries as well as to revitalize the local societies in Hokkaido.

Warm hospitality, smiles, and beautiful landscape will welcome you at JICA Obihiro.