Activities in Afghanistan

Major Projects


  • Project for the Promotion and Enhancement of the Afghan Capacity for Effective Development(PEACE
  • Project on Improvement of Literacy Education Management in Afghanistan(LEAF2)
  • Strengthening Teacher Education Program, Phase 2
  • Project on the Basic Vocational Training in Afghanistan


  • Tuberculosis Control Project in Afghanistan Phase 2
  • Tuberculosis Control Project
  • Reproductive Health Project in Afghanistan Phase 2
  • Reproductive Health Project

Agricultural and Rural Development

  • Capacity Development and Institutional Strengthening(CDIS)of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock(MAIL)
  • National Agricultural Experiment Stations Rehabilitation Project
  • The Project for the Development of Wheat Breeding Materials for Sustainable Food Production
  • JICA Support Programme for Reintegration and Community Development in Kandahar
  • Inter-Communal Rural Development Project
  • Rice-based Agriculture Development in Afghanistan
  • Improvement of Rice-based Agriculture in Nangarhar Province

Urban and Regional Development

  • Project on Promotion of Kabul Metropolitan Area Development
  • The Study for the Development of Kabul Metropolitan Area in Afghanistan
  • Study on Groundwater Resources Potential in Kabul Basin in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
  • The Study on Topographic Mapping for Greater Kabul

Map of JICA Major Projects in Afghanistan