Message from the Chief Representative

Indonesia and Japan are important partners who share basic values such as democracy, human rights and market economy. Both countries are closely tied not only in diplomacy and economic field, but also among its people.


For JICA, Indonesia is one of the countries with the longest history of cooperation. Through financial cooperation such as ODA Yen loan and grant aid, and technical cooperation such as dispatch of experts and volunteer, and Knowledge Co-Creation Program(training), JICA have cooperated with Indonesia to address development issues and to enhance economy growth and social development. We would like to keep contributing to strengthening and stabilizing Indonesian economy and society, then improving Indonesian people's quality of life, together with Indonesian people and diverse stakeholders.

In recent years, Indonesia has achieved steady economic, with per capita GDP quadrupling to around $4,000 over the past 20 years. On the other hand, new issues are emerging, such as the increase of traffic congestion in large cities, waste and water supply problems, regional disparities, and in recent years, increased disaster preparedness, decarbonization, and energy transitions in response to climate change. Moreover, in recent years, Indonesian Government also has been working on the relocation of the new capital to Kalimantan, and the construction of basic infrastructure in the core area of the new capital is progressing at a rapid pace. To address these issues, JICA will continue supporting Indonesia in the development of MRT and sewerage projects in Jakarta, fishery activities in remote islands of Indonesia, renewable energy, and the management of peatlands, which are a major source of CO2 emissions, by utilizing our experience and lessons learned from past cooperation in a wide range of fields.

Indonesia is currently considered as the voice of the Global South, and it is said that if Indonesia continues its current growth, by 2050 Indonesia is believed to be the fourth largest economy in the world, surpassing Japan. Indonesia will become the more important partner for Japan, and we need cooperation that will contribute to Indonesia for further strengthening partnership, and cooperation that will be of great significance to Japan as it faces various challenges in the future.

We believe "Trust" between Indonesia and Japan has been fostered through our long history of cooperation and JICA will keep working hard to strengthen "Trust" further among various stakeholders and to deepen mutual understanding and friendship between Indonesian people and Japanese people.

Chief Representative,
JICA Indonesia Office
YASUI Takehiro