Major Projects

*All project names are not the formal ones but tentatively translated from Japanese.


  • Project of Construction of Primary School Classrooms in the Administrative
    Circumscriptions of Antsiranana and Toliara
  • Fourth Project for the Construction of Primary Schools and the
    Construction of a Regional Center of the National Institute of Pedagogical Training in Toamasina


  • Project for Improvement of Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Service
  • HIV Prevention Strengthening Project
  • Project of Improvement of Programme for Expansion of Vaccination
  • Project of Extension and Improvement of Facilities of the Institute of Paramedic Training in Antananarivo

Water Resources/Disaster Management

  • Project for the Improvement of Rural Water Supply Management and Hygiene Practice
    in Astimo-Andrefana Region


  • The Project for Construction of By-Pass of National Route N7
  • Project for Construction of Access Roads in the South Area of the Capital
  • Feasibility Study on Toamasina Port Development

Natural Resources and Energy

  • Geological Mapping and Mineral Information System Project for Promotion of Mining Industry

Agricultural/Rural Development

  • Agriculture/Rural Development Advisor
  • Project for Rice Productivity Improvement in Central Highland
  • Project for the Improvement of the Irrigation System in South-west of Lake Alaotra
  • Project for Improvement of Training Center of Agricultural Machinery in Antsirabe
  • Project for Rural Development through the Dissemination of Aquaculture of Tilapia

Natural Environment Conservation

  • Study on Rural Development and Watershed management in the South-west Region of Alaotra
  • Forest/Nature Conservation Advisor
  • Practical Program on Environmental Education for Conservation

South-South Cooperation

  • South to South Cooperation

Map of JICA Major Projects in Madagascar