Activities in Moldova

Outline of Activities in Priority Areas

Here you can find representative projects that are being implemented (or finished) in Moldova. (*T: Technical cooperation, G: Official development Grants, L: Official development Loans)

Sustainable Economic Development

  • (L) Project for Modernization of Agricultural Machineries and Equipment(Finished)
  • (T) Standardization of Business Advisory Service at the National Level
  • (T) Project for Creation of Database for Base Map for Development of National Spatial Data Infrastructure
  • - Final report (PDF)
  • (G) The Project for Improvement of Equipment for the National Training Center for Agricultural Mechanization
  • - Ex-post Evaluation (PDF)
  • (G) The Project for Introduction of Clean Energy by Solar Electricity Generation System
  • - Ex-post Evaluation (PDF)
  • (G) Project for Effective Use of Biomass Fuel

Improvement of Standard of Living

  • (G) Project for the Improvement of Digitization Equipment of the National Library (Finished)
  • (L) Improvement of Medical Service
  • (T) Project for Improving Medical Device Management

JICA's Knowledge Co-Creation Programs (KCCP)