Activities in Palestine

Major Projects

(TCP: Technical Cooperation Project, PA: Policy Advisor, GA: Grant Aid, TCDP: Technical Cooperation for Development Planning)



  • (TCP) Improving Maternal and Child Health/Reproductive Health in Palestine - Phase 2 (Completed)
  • (TCP) Improving Reproductive Health with a special focus on Maternal and Child Health in Palestine - Phase 1 (Completed)


  • (TCP) Improvement of Local Finance System in Palestine (Completed)
  • (PA) Improvement of Local Governance System - Phase 2 (Completed)
  • (PA) Advisor on Local Governance System in Palestine (Completed)
  • (TCP) Improvement in Local Governance System in Palestine (Completed)


  • (TCP) Refugee Camp Improvement Project in Palestine
  • (GA) Support for the Public Activities of the Communities in Jordan Valley (Completed)

Energy and Mining

  • (GA) Introduction of Clean Energy by Solar Electricity Generation System (Completed)

Private Sector Development

Agricultural and Rural Development

  • (TCP) Improved Extension for Value-added Agriculture - EVAP Phase 2
  • (TCP) Improved Extension for Value-Added Agriculture in the Jordan River Rift Valley (Completed)
  • (TCP) Strengthening Support System Focusing on Sustainable Agriculture in Jericho and Jordan River Rift Valley (Completed)
  • (TCDP) Feasibility Study on Water Resources Development and Management in Jericho and the Jordan River Rift Valley (Completed)

Urban/Regional Development

Environmental Management


Map of JICA Major Projects in Palestinian Authority