JICA and Davao LGU to achieve better living environment through a wastewater management master plan


A technical cooperation between Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the local government of Davao City is paving the way for the better living environment by launching a master plan study on wastewater management.

The project Masterplan Study on Comprehensive Wastewater Management in Davao City aims at helping growth centers like Davao address water pollution problems and implement priority projects on wastewater management.

Sewerage development has been identified as one of the priority areas in the JICA-assisted Davao City Infrastructure Development Plan and Capacity Building Project (IM4Davao) completed in 2018. This direction of IM4Davao was further supported through JICA’s Data Collection Survey held in 2019 to 2020 which conducted data collection, detailed survey and pre-feasibility study of identified priority area.

“Clean water is very crucial to economy. It is where sustainable food production, exports, and tourism depend on. Through this study, JICA assures you that we are with you on crafting the best approach to wastewater management,” said JICA Chief Representative SAKAMOTO Takema.

“Worsening water quality condition of water bodies is a growing serious concern in Davao. Sanitation is a truly vital challenge for citizens’ healthy living, too. This is quite common in thriving urban growth centers where water utilization is high, however, wastewater treatment is limited. JICA is keen to continue its similar cooperation to expand throughout the Philippines as a whole. In the case of Davao City, data collected during the JICA Survey showed critical need to improve water quality standards through proper management of wastewater for the sustainable development and prosperity of Davao City, and Davao may serve as an exemplary model to address this challenge in this context,” added SAKAMOTO.

The Master Plan will have the following components: wastewater management planning in Davao, feasibility study for priority projects, and capacity development, among others.

In addition to the cooperation in wastewater management field, JICA has continued to closely work with Davao City in many instances such as the IM4Davao Project, an infrastructure modernization initiative, and the Davao City Bypass Construction Project aimed at significantly reducing travel time of commuters from northern and southern areas, as well as the Project Masterplan and Feasibility Study for Flood Control and Drainage in Davao City. Furthermore, “Comprehensive and Sustainable Urban Development Master Plan for Metropolitan Davao”, along with the expansion of business and living areas, is listed up as one of the new cooperation projects expected to be launched soon.

JICA is the world’s largest bilateral aid agency. In the Philippines, JICA vigorously implements various development cooperation projects that impact sustainable economic growth, overcoming vulnerability, and peace and development in Mindanao including Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.




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