Agriculture for Youths -JICA Volunteer Contributes to Agriculture Training-


Mr. Suzuki Kento is a JICA volunteer who works as an Agriculture Teacher for Iarowari Agro Tech Secondary School in Sogeri, Central Province.

He is dedicated to having his students experience success in growing vegetables because he found that agriculture is one of the most important industries in PNG for the local people to earn an income.

In his class, he decided to start by improving the condition of the school farm that can accelerate smooth learning for his students. He managed to make “Terraced fields” with his students on the farm to prevent soil erosion as the fields were originally located on the slope of a small hill.

His students will learn how to grow some popular vegetables in PNG such as, capsicums, eggplants and onions, using the terraced fields organized by Mr. Suzuki from the first term in 2024.


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