JICA Volunteers participate in STEPMAS workshop

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Mr Todaka & Mr Uchiyama, JICA volunteer teachers at the Sogeri Primary School were invited to participate in a Material Validation Workshop on the STEPMAS Project (*) hosted by officers of the Department of Education (DOE), Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) as well as Primary Teachers’ College (PTC) held on Friday, 12 April 2024. The objective of the workshop was for the content validation on the Mathematics and Science Teachers’ Manuals in PTC currently under drafting progress. Mr Todaka presented his mathematics teaching techniques, which are commonly used in Japan, including the practicality of cutting out paper shapes and then numbering the different sides to differentiate to the students, a short and sharp presentation but promoted the learner centered interactive teaching style, etc. The participants also visited Sogeri Primary School, where they attended a class taught by Mr Todaka for Grade 3 students. They observed mathematics teaching techniques that can improve children's thinking skills.

One of participants said that JICA Volunteer’s (Mr. Todaka) demonstration of multiplication calculations was unique and engaging. “I want to go back to school and tell my students, I want my students to be able to do the same as teachers.” said Mr Shaun Lemek of Bomana Sacred Heart Teacher’s College.

Mr Todaka continues to host regular teacher in- service trainings for his school and others surrounding.

(*) The Project for Strengthening Primary Teacher Pre-Service Education in Mathematics and Science (STEPMAS) aims to develop students’ modules and lecturers’ manuals in PTC and then to enhance PTC students’ capacity to teach mathematics and science.

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Training in session

Banner of Training.

Textbook of Mathematics.

Explanation of net drawing by JICA volunteers. (Right: Mr. Uchiyama, Left: Mr. Todaka)

Explanation of net drawing by Mr. Todaka.

Explanation of net drawing by JICA volunteers. (Right: Mr. Uchiyama, Left: Mr. Todaka)

Training participants observe Mr. Todaka's math class.

Demonstration of lessons using teaching materials.

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