Mr. Todaka’s demo lesson - Multiplication with a decimal number -

[Goal 4] Quality Education


Sogeri Primary School hosted a demo lesson on 5th-grade math, focusing on multiplication with decimal numbers. For this event, the Curriculum Development Division of the National Department of Education, JICA Education Policy Advisor, and the JICA PNG Office were invited. Mr. Todaka, a JICA volunteer, demonstrated a lesson referring to the national mathematics textbooks and teacher’s manual developed through JICA technical cooperation. A local teacher also conducted a similar lesson based on Mr. Todaka’s demonstration.

During the review meeting with observers, officers from the Curriculum Development Division praised the demo lesson and expressed their expectations for similar events in other schools.

JICA Education Policy Advisor eagerly anticipates the dissemination of Japan's math teaching practice(*) across Papua New Guinea in collaboration with JICA technical cooperation and JICA volunteer program.

(*) One of advantage points of Japanese teaching practice is to introduce problem-solving approach. Pupils are encouraged to explore multiple approaches to problem-solving. This approach helps pupils think more flexible and creative solution to problems.

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Right: JICA Volunteer(Mr. Todaka)

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