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Message from the Chief Representative

Ghana has achieved peace and democratic governance over the years. It has a pioneering role to prove that democracy, rule of law and stable management of the economy can facilitate poverty reduction and better livelihood of the population. With the recent oil discovery, it is expected to manage the exploitation prudently and accelerate development for sustained middle-income status.

Japan, being a long time partner of Ghana, is proud to be associated with the development efforts and success story in Ghana. Japan's relationship with Ghana dates back to 1927 when Dr. Hideyo Noguchi, a renowned Japanese researcher arrived in Ghana to research into yellow fever disease. Japan's Official Development Assistance (ODA) to Ghana started in 1963 and amounted to an average of 10 billion yen (over US$100 million) annually between 1980 and 2000, making Japan the largest bilateral partner. In 2004, Japan granted a debt relief to Ghana worth about 105 billion yen (over US$1 billion), the largest amount exempted by a creditor country.

In 2013, JICA and Ghana celebrated the anniversary of the 50th year of cooperation. Starting with the technical cooperation project for the Tema Techinical Institute in 1963, there has been cooperation for various fields through schemes of technical cooperation, grant aid and Yen Loan. Supported by the remarkable economic development and constant stability of Ghana's democracy, JICA has increased the number and amount of cooperation in Ghana for more than 50 years.

Currently, JICA, in collaboration with the Government of Ghana, is implementing cooperation in 6 thematic sectors namely, health, infrastructure, agriculture, education, governance and private sector development. They are selected through the dialogue with the Government of Ghana based on Ghana's development strategy and Japan's cooperation strategy outlined in TICAD (Tokyo International Conference for African Development).

JICA Ghana will continue to provide support for human resources development, policy and institutional capacity improvement as well as social and economic infrastructure, thereby stimulating sustained poverty reduction through equitable growth and human empowerment.

JICA's corporate vision is to pursue "inclusive and dynamic development" in order to achieve "human security" for all people in the world.

Koji Makino
Chief Representative
JICA Ghana


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