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JICA Volunteer Program

JICA's volunteer programs, such as Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer (JOCV) and Senior Volunteer (SV), support a wide range of local activities by Japanese citizens who intend to cooperate in the economic and social development as well as in the reconstruction of emerging countries. Through these cooperation activities, participating volunteers can, not only contribute to the development of partner countries but also gain valuable experience in terms of international goodwill, mutual understanding and an expansion in their international perspectives. JICA's volunteer activities have not only earned high acclaim from partner countries but are also receiving increased praise in Japan, where expectations for these programs are also rising.

JICA's volunteers have backgrounds, knowledge and experiences relating to requirements from organizations as well as strong desires to participate in cooperative activities. In addition, they live and work together with communities, speak local languages and carry out activities with an emphasis on raising self-reliant efforts while fostering mutual understanding. "Together with the local community" is the motto of JICA's volunteers programs.

India is one of the first countries where the JOCV program started in 1966. From the commencement of the program until 1978, about 130 JOCVs were dispatched across India, mainly to assist in better living, basic human needs and industrial development in India. More than 60 volunteers in the field of education, health, agriculture, community development and sports have been dispatched after the program resumed in 2006. Recognizing the importance of further promoting technical cooperation through people-to-people exchange, the JOCV program since 2014 has expanded to include other activities and SV program.

The total number of JICA Volunteers dispatched to India until July, 2017 is 204. JICA Volunteers presently in India as of July 2017 is 11.


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