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JICA Indonesia Office



JICA Indonesia Office
Sentral Senayan II, 14th Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No.8, Jakarta 10270, INDONESIA

Tel : (62-21) 5795-2112
Fax : (62-21) 5795-2116

Brief History

1954 (Technical Cooperation) Indonesian personnel join Training program in Japan (Commencement year)
1957 (Technical Cooperation) Japanese experts dispatch to Indonesia (Commencement year)
1958 (Grant Aid) Provision of aid to Indonesia in the form of war reparation (Commencement year)
1961 (ODA Loans) Establishment of the Overseas Economic Cooperation Fund (OECF)*, which took over the Southeast Asia Development Cooperation Fund.
* Initially only handling foreign investment loans for Japanese private companies
1962 (Technical Cooperation) Establishment of the Overseas Technical Cooperation Agency (OCTA)
1966 (ODA Loans) First ODA Loans to developing countries (Commencement year)(Korea)
1968 (ODA Loans) First ODA Loans to Indonesia (Commencement Year)
(Grant Aid) Provision of food aid to Indonesia in the primary form of rice donations (Commencement Year)
1969 (ODA Loans) Establishment of overseas branch offices of the OTCA and OECF in Indonesia 
1972 (ODA Loans) Direct ODA loans on untied basis (Commencement year)
1974 (Technical Cooperation) OCTA renamed into Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
1976 (Grant Aid) Provision of Grant Aid as a general Japanese ODA scheme (Commencement Year)
1981 (Technical Cooperation) Indonesian trainees join the TCTP (Third Country Training Program)
1984 (Technical Cooperation) Youth Friendship Program (Commencement year)
1986 (ODA Loans) Special Assistance for Project Sustainability (SAPS) (Commencement Year)
1988 (ODA Loans) Special Assistance for Project Formulation (SAPROF) (Commencement Year)
(Technical Cooperation) JOCV (Junior Experts) dispatch to Indonesia (Commencement year)
1992 (ODA Loans) Special Assistance for Project Implementation (SAPI) (Commencement Year)
1996 (ODA Loans) Special Assistance for Development Policy and Projects (SADEP) (Commencement year)
1997 (Grant Aid) Provision of food aid to Indonesia as support for monetary crisis
1998 (Technical Cooperation) SV (Silver Experts) dispatch to Indonesia (Commencement year)
(Technical Cooperation) Community Empowerment Program (CEP) in Indonesia (Commencement year)
1999 (ODA Loans) Establishment of Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) 
2001 (Technical Cooperation) JICA Partnership Program (JPP) in Indonesia (Commencement year)
2003 (Technical Cooperation) JICA re-launched as an independent administrative institution
2008 (ODA Loans) JICA merges with JBIC forming a "New" JICA that provides Technical Cooperation, ODA Loans, and Grant Aid 

PhotoJICA Indonesia Front Lobby



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