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September 14, 2021

More than 300 farmers learnt silage preparation in a demonstration seminar

More than 300 farmers from Chuy region of Kyrgyzstan took part it in the demonstration seminar on silage preparation on 14th of September, 2021.

Farmers learnt technologies of getting making high-quality silage using the whole crop of corn - nutritious food for cows. At first, a tractor mowed corn stalks with cobs at ground level, and then, plants were crushed and immediately sent to a truck. The crushed plants were placed in a silo pit and compacted by heavy equipment and then covered with straw and plastic sheet to keep out air.

JICA ex-trainee Nurbek Jyrgalbaev, who participated in JICA training course "Milk production improvement" in 2017, organized this event.

After he obtained knowledge through the training, he and a Japanese expert, Mr. Nakatani, tried to apply Japanese technologies on silage preparation. As Nurbek says, not everything went well from the beginning. Due to some bacteria, their first experience of silage preparation failed. However, he succeeded in 2018 when he developed an appropriate design of pit for silage, and he made silage based on proper sugar fermentation. Now cows produce more milk and farmers have increased their incomes rapidly.

He uses messenger apps like WhatsApp where they have created a group of milk producers and share information very fast.

As Nurbek says, the main aim of this demonstration seminar is to disseminate gained knowledge and, thanks to this Milk Project of JICA, farmers could increase their profit by improved milk quality and quantity, which can improve their livelihood conditions. He expects that it will attain the main purpose of JICA's Milk Project.

Agriculture is one of the main JICA supporting sectors in the Kyrgyz Republic.





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