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Activities in Nepal


State Building Support: "Study Tour and Orientation on Constitution Making and Management of Parliament"

Background and Objective


The goal of this project is to provide study and dialogue program for Nepal’s policymakers and Government officials to gain knowledge about economic and development strategies from Japanese and Vietnamese experts. The study is based on the success and experience of Japan and Vietnam. Expected outcomes are:

  1. Nepalese policymakers gained knowledge about economic and development strategies
  2. Successful experiences and lessons shared in Japan and Asian countries
  3. Lessons from the seminar reflected in the policymaking in Nepal

Updated information: JICA has already implemented three sessions of this dialogue program in 2009, 2010 and recently on January 25 and 26, 2011, inviting Constituent Assembly members, Government members, CA Secretariat, National Planning Commission (NPC) etc.

  • Partners/Counterparts: Constitution Assembly, CA Secretariat, and Ministry of Finance
  • Period: 2008-2011

Strengthening Community Mediation Capacity for Peaceful and Harmonious Society (Technical Cooperation Project)

Background and Objective


The project aims to develop the capacity of local communities to prevent and manage local level disputes. In the post-conflict transitional period of Nepal, repairing social networks is essential to prevent recurrent conflict. JICA works with Nepal’s Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development to build community capacity to manage disputes at a local level before they escalate into larger violent conflicts. The project will directly benefit the peace of local environment by enhancing community mediation capacity via an inclusive approach. The regional focus of this project has been selected in order to ensure that other JICA projects such as agriculture and infrastructure projects are able to operate in a peaceful environment.

Support Election Commission of Nepal

Background and Objective


JICA supports the Election Commission of Nepal (ECN) to develop capacity of electoral officials for implementation of successful democratic elections. Implementation of democratic elections is one of the key foundations for democratization in Nepal. JICA provides ECN with capacity development opportunities, both theoretical and practical, on themes such as democracy and election, electoral management, voter registration, and political party management. In 2008, Japan provided all of the ballot boxes for the Constituent Assembly election. JICA also provides assistance for central and local electoral officers and the ECN secretariat. In 2009, the support included the execution of in-country training together with UNDP and other donor agencies. The continuous effort to build capacity of ECN will help to ensure successful future elections and thus democratization of Nepal.

  • Partners/Counterparts: Election Commission of Nepal (For in-country training, UNDP, International IDEA, IFES)
  • Period: 2009-2012
  • Area: Nepal (Kathmandu, Pokhara, Mahendranagar), Japan, Thailand

In-Country Training for Journalists for Promoting Peace through Media

Background and Objective


The main objectives of this project are to identify issues around free and fair media in Nepal; share experiences on on-going Peacebuilding journalism, journalists' involvement in constitution making, and relations with political parties; and discuss approaches on how to ensure environment that is conducive for functional journalism. Considering the significant role of media for democratization process, JICA in collaboration with Ministry of Information and Communication has periodically implemented Seminar/Workshop with Japanese as well as Nepali resource persons targeting central and local journalists.

  • Partners/Counterparts: Ministry of Information and Communication, Radio Nepal
  • Period: 2009-2011

The Project for Promoting Peace Building and Democratization through the Capacity Development of Media Sector in Nepal (Technical Cooperation Project)

Background and Objective


The Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) requested the Japanese Government for technical cooperation to revise media policy and enhance the role of state-owned Radio Nepal as public service institution. After the detail planning survey, JICA agreed to undertake the project for promoting peace building and democratization through the capacity development of the media sector in Nepal or in short MeP project. The purpose of the project is to establish a model of accurate, impartial and fair media in the democratization process through revision of media policy, acts, regulations and guidelines and reform Radio Nepal. For this, two taskforces have been formed in MoIC and Radio Nepal. The MoIC taskforce will formulate the draft of the revised media policy, acts, regulations and guidelines whereas the other taskforce will enhance the function of Radio Nepal as a public broadcasting institution.

  • Partners/Counterparts: Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) and Radio Nepal
  • Period: November 2010 to October 2013
  • Area: Targeted all across Nepal

Major Projects in the Past:

  • (GA) Improvement and development of medium wave radio broadcasting network

TCP: Technical Cooperation Project; DS: Development Study (TCP); GA: Grant Aid; LA: Loan Aid (Yen Loan); JPP: JICA Partnership Program

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