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Activities in Paraguay

Projects in ejecution

Economic Area

Agricultural/Rural Development

  • (V) Project to Strengthen Small Dairy Producers in the Department of Itapúa "FOPROLEI" II (2018.07 - 2025.03)
  • (PP) Project of Improving Living Conditions for Rural Women in Paraguay - Spinning a Dream Together from Yokohama (2016.09 - 2021.08)
  • (PP) Enhancement of Agricultural Training Center and Support for Human Resource Development for Promotion of Dairy Farming in The Eastern Region of Paraguay (2016.07 - 2020.06)
  • (TC) Project of Improving Safety of Agricultural Exports for small-scale farmers (2017.12 - 2022.12)
  • (TC) Technical advisor for the strengthening of the laboratory for the diagnosis of livestock disease (2019.07 - 2021.07)
  • (PPS) Study on the Improvement of Agricultural Soil using High Concentration OF Fulvic Acid in Paraguay )2019.10 - 2021.10)
  • (DE) Project of Study of Integral Development of the Adjacent Zones to the Yacyreta Dam Reservoir (2017.03 - 2020.08)


  • (L) Rural Road Development Project (PG-P16) (2011.03 - 2021.03)
  • (L) Eastern Region Export Corridor Improvement Project (PG-P17) (2014.10 - 2022.10)
  • (G) The Project for Procurement of Dredging Equipment for Paraguay River (2018.12 - 2022.08)


  • (TC) Project for Developing Qualified Human Resources in response to the Needs of the Industries (2016.06 - 2020.05)

Social Area

Water Resources

Social Security


  • (TC) Advisor for the Strengthening of Primary Health Care System (2018.10 - 2021.03)
  • (PPS) Study on the control of insecticide-resistant mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases through the introduction of ecological biolarvicide in Paraguay (2020.02 - 2021.03)

Completed Projects

  • (TC) Project of Reinforcing Small Scale Farm Co-ops in the Southeast of Paraguay
  • (DS) Study of Integrated Rural Development for Small Farmers
  • (TC) Project of Agricultural and Livestock Technology Center in Paraguay (CETAPAR) Phase II
  • (L) Agricultural Sector Strengthening Project (II)
  • (TC) The Project on Strengthening of the Paraguayan Quality and Productivity Center(CEPPROCAL)
  • (L) Road Improvement Project (II)
  • (G) Project for Relocation and Strengthening of the Asuncion National University Hospital
  • (G) Project for the Development for Water Supply in Rural Zone
  • (TC) Project for Strengthening Continuing Education in Nursing and Midwifery
  • (TC) Project of Strengthening and Consolidation of Production and Use of Improved Sesame Seed for Small-scale Farmers in Paraguay
  • (TC) Strengthening of Primary Health Care System
  • (TC) Project for Strengthening School Management and Local Context Curriculum
  • (TC) Project for the Adoption of Technological Packages for Crops Produced by Small Scale Farmers in Paraguay
  • (TC) Project for Formation of Clusters of Agricultural Cooperatives in the Eastern Region of Paraguay
  • (L) Project for Improvement of Equipment of the National Training Center of Paraguay
  • (TC) Advisor on the Promotion of Social Participation of Persons with Disabilities
  • (G) Project for Improvement of the Drinking Water System for Coronel Oviedo City
  • (TC) Advisor of Capacity Development of Distribution Network Management
  • (TC) Project for Improvement in Agricultural Extension and Microfinance System for Rural Development Based on Territorial Approach
  • (V) La Paz City Comprehensive Community Development Project
  • (V) Improvement of Dairy Production
  • (TC) Human Resources Development for Strengthening the Territorial Approach
  • (TC) Rural Development Project for Strengthening of Territorial Management System in Itapúa and Caazapá (KATYPYRY)
  • (TC) Adviser for improving the measures against pesticide residue in agricultural products
  • (TC) Project for Strengthening Integrated Management of Yguazú Lake Watershed

Map of JICA Major Projects in Paraguay

(TC) Technical Cooperation; (L) ODA Loan; (G) Grant Aid; (PP) Partnership Program; (DS) Development Study; (V) Volunteer group sending; (DE) Development Study; (PPS) Partnership with the Private Sector


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