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Activities in Papua New Guinea

Port Moresby Sewerage System Upgrading Project (POMSSUP)

1. Scheme

Japanese ODA Loan

2. Counterpart Organization

Department of Treasury (DoT: Borrower),
Independent Public Business Corporation (IPBC: Executing Agency),
Eda Ranu (Operation and Maintenance)

3. Project Duration

2010/5 ~ 2018/5

4. Introduction

The city of Port Moresby, the nation's capital, has been experiencing rapid urbanization caused primarily by an influx of migrating population and by an increase in socio-economic activities within the city. Such development has also increased the volume of sewage effluents. Given a circumstance like this, there has been a need for the existing sewerage system to be upgraded and thus to reduce and ultimately to prevent untreated sewage from being discharged into the sea. The improvement of sewerage system is imperative to save this beautiful yet fragile marine ecosystem around Port Moresby from destruction, to protect livelihoods and sources of income of local people who are dependent on costal fishery, and to mitigate health risks of contracting infectious diseases resulting from unsanitary conditions.

The POMSSUP aims at developing a sewerage system in Port Moresby in order to provide sewerage services in the city and prevent pollutants from flowing into coastal areas. The POMSSUP is composed of construction of the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in Kila Kila that can treat 18,400 cubic meter of water per day, the 13 km trunk sewer, the 15 km branch sewer, and construction/rehabilitation of 13 pumping stations. It will also implement awareness activities to workers and community members where they can learn effective and practical sanitation and hygiene practices. Furthermore, the POMSSUP is a symbolic project for PNG and Japan as it is implemented in close collaboration between the two governments. While the Japanese government provides funds to implement the works as described above, the PNG government has its own plans to continue two sequel projects after the POMSSUP. The sequel projects, correctly termed as POMSSUP stage 2 and POMSSUP stage 3, are expected to provide additional upgrades to the sewerage system of Port Moresby to provide greater benefits to the residents. The Japanese loan amount for the POMSSUP is JPY 8,261 million (approximately PGK 206.5 million, as of June 2014).

5. Target Provinces

National Capital District

6. The Snapshots of the Project

PhotoThe aging Konedobu pumping station awaiting rehabilitation.

PhotoThe landscape of Kila Kila glitters in a sunny day of May 2014. The state-of-the-art Sewage Treatment Plant is to be constructed here by 2018.

PhotoAnother milestone achieved on 1/May/14 when Independent Public Business Corporation (IPBC) and NJS Consultants entered into a contract for consulting services for the POMSSUP.

PhotoProject Map

7. Recent Activities


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