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Photo Gallery

Rwanda, once having experienced horrific conflict, is now growing into peace and prosperity. While the capital city of Kigali is rapidly growing with economic and societal development, traditional values and spirit in community ties and human relations remain the foundation of the daily lives of the Rwandese people. Beautiful and unique traditional cultures, featuring peace baskets, traditional “Intore” dancing, Rwandese coffee and tea, and rich biodiversity (Rwanda is home to the charismatic mountain gorilla) continue to enrich this small yet energetic nation in East Africa, the "land of a thousand hills."

Rwanda’s Life and Culture

Rwanda is one of the most densely populated countries in African with 10 % of its population living in the capital Kigali. While the city has enjoyed a construction boom, with big and modern buildings rising on its skyline in recent years, agricultural activities are the primary income source for the majority of people in Rwanda. Blessed with rich volcanic soil perfect for many types of agriculture, Rwanda’s coffee and tea industries are increasingly becoming recognized in the modern global market. Its misty volcanoes and rich biodiversity include the habitat of the mountain gorillas, whose charisma and fascinating family lives attract the increasing number of tourism visitors every year, with almost one million visitors in 2008. “Agasake”, the internationally known “peace basket”, and the traditional dance “Intore” feature in Rwanda’s colorful authentic cultures.

10th Anniversary of JICA Rwanda office


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