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Sudan was the largest country in Africa and Arab world until 2011, when South Sudan separated into an independent country, following an independence referendum. Sudan is now the third largest country in Africa. Sudan has also experienced a long civil war, and faces serious problems of deficient basic living infrastructures and social reintegration of those affected by the conflict.

Additionally, Sudan has a low Human Development Index and support for basic human needs (BHNs) is needed. Regarding Sudan's extreme dependence on petroleum income in spite of the decrease in its production due to independence of South Sudan, there are urgent needs for diversification of industrial structure as well as improvement of agricultural productivity.

Therefore, JICA's support to Sudan is primarily focused on:

1. Consolidation of Peace
2. Assistance for Basic Human Needs (BHNs)
3. Diversification of Industry

Office Information
JICA Sudan Office
5th Floor, Building No.20, Block No.10, Africa Street, Al-Emtidad, East Khartoum, Sudan
(P.O.Box 394, Khartoum 11111, Sudan)

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May 9, 2017 Telephone number and fax number update

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