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Topics & Events

April 2, 2021 JICA and FAO support agribusiness development in Tajikistan
April 2, 2021 JICA ва ФАО дар рушди Агробизнес ба Тоҷикистон кумак мерасонанд (Tajik)
March 17, 2021 JICA Is Strengthening Cooperation With Its Training Ex-Participants
March 17, 2021 JICA Contributes To Development Of Energy Infrastructure In Dushanbe
March 13, 2021 JICA supports the initiatives taken towards Gender Empowerment in Law Enforcement in Tajikistan
September 15, 2020 Tajikistan - Dushanbe Business Incubator Opening Ceremony
September 3, 2020 JICA Tajikistan Office and AKAH Jointl Provide Emergency Assistance to the SUE "Khojagii Manziliu Kommu" (KMK) under the Technical Assistance Project in Tajikistan
July 28, 2020 JICA Continues to Support Combatting the Locust in Tajikistan, other Central Asian Countries and Afghanistan
June 23, 2020 JICA Tajikistan Office and Aga Khan Agency for Habitat provided emergency assistance to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population in its fight against COVID-19 in Tajikistan
February 3, 2020 JICA Provides Medical Equipment to Tajikistan to Improve Quality of Tertiary Health Services
November 13, 2019 Scholarship Project for Master's Degree Program Supported by Japanese Grant Aid Start Accepting Application
September 19, 2019 JICA Press Tour 2019: Contribution to Energy Independency
September 3, 2019 JICA Continues Supporting Road Rehabilitation and Construction in Tajikistan
August 8, 2019 Send-off Meeting for Master's and Doctoral Degree Scholarship Students Supported by Japanese Grant Aid Conducted in Dushanbe
August 5, 2019 JICA and Football Federation of Tajikistan Organized Master-Class for Young Tajik Players
July 19, 2019 The Finalists are Decided!
July 9, 2019 JICA Provides Ambulances to Improve Emergency Care in Tajikistan
June 11, 2019 JICA Promotes Solar Power Generation in Dushanbe Hospitals
May 28, 2019 JICA Assisted the Conference on Inspection of Incident Scene
May 3, 2019 JICA Supports the Freedom of Speech in Tajikistan
March 14, 2019 JICA Press Briefing 2019: Achievements and Ways Forward
February 26, 2019 JICA Introduced Its New Country Analysis Paper for Tajikistan to Representatives of Ministries and Agencies
February 21, 2019 Report Meeting by Scholars of JDS Master's Program and Meeting of JDS Alumni Association Conducted in Dushanbe
February 20, 2019 JICA Completed Its Study on Migrants and Remittances
February 14, 2019 JICA Supports Tajikistan in Managing Development Policy and Framework
January 31, 2019 The Issues of Interactions in the Field of Agriculture and Irrigation Were Discussed in Vose District
December 20, 2018 Ways of Implementing the "Strategy of Tourism Development in the Republic of Tajikistan for the Period Until 2030" Were Discussed in Dushanbe
November 28, 2018 JICA and the Government of Japan Assists Combatting Against Locust in Tajikistan
November 22, 2018 JICA Supports the Effective Management of Tajikistan's Border with Afghanistan
November 15, 2018 JICA Supported Startupstan Ecosystem Summit in Dushanbe
November 12, 2018 JICA Scholarship Project (JDS) for Master's Degree Started Accepting Application
October 25, 2018 Government of Japan has Handed Over Border-Crossing Point "Langar" to Tajikistan
October 22, 2018 JICA Provided Road Maintenance Equipment to Sughd and Khatlon
September 29, 2018 JICA Promotes a Clean Energy
September 18, 2018 The First Mini-Grant Activities were Conducted
September 6, 2018 JICA contributed to improvement of mother and child health in Rudaki district
August 31, 2018 The Experience of Japan in Agriculture and Irrigation was Introduced in Sughd Region
June 27, 2018 JICA President Got Acquanted with Activities of JICA Tajikistan Office


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