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May 17, 2021

[JICA Development Studies Program] Release of "The Birth of Yamanashi Wine - Using Local Products to Become a Global Brand"

JICA Development Program (JICA-DSP) invites future leaders from partner countries to Japan, and offers the opportunity to learn about Japan's modernization and development experiences, which differ from those of Europe and the U.S., and its wisdom as a country that provided cooperation toward the progress of developing countries after World War II. This program also offers "Seminar on Regional Understanding", which provides various knowledge that helps them deepen their understanding of Japan and its culture at the local level.

Yamanashi Wine now receives high reputation internationally. However, the path to the success was not smooth but rather rocky. There is a long history behind it since the Meiji Revolution in 1868, and many individuals have worked day and night in order to gain the necessary knowledge and techniques of winemaking overseas, and eventually localizing them in Japan.

Understand the culture and technology of other countries, then polish them to fit its own for the development of its own economy, eventually share them with the international community for their development. These steps of the Japanese of modernization may differ from that of the European countries and of the United States, but can be a model that the international community could utilize.

This video program, titled "The Birth of Yamanashi Wine - Using Local Products to Become a Global Brand", explains how Yamanashi Wine was developed and became an international brand. The program highlights on local development by the use of local products, as well as the outstanding works by those who studied abroad. You will also be able to understand the history of winemaking in Yamanashi Prefecture.

Please visit the below link to view this program.



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