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Ex-Post Evaluation

Post-Evaluation Reports in Fiscal 1995

Detailed Evaluation
1. Thailand:Small Swanp Inland Fisheries Project
Research Paper
"Community Participation in Maintenance Management of Small-scale Projects" (Megumi Muto)
2. The Republic of Korea:Sewage Treatment Plant Construction Projects Impact Study
Research Paper
"Points to Note Regarding Sewerage Service in Developing Countries" (Hiroaki Ikebe)
3. Myanmar:Baluchaung Hydroelectric Project (No.1 Power Station)
Research Paper
"Myanmar's Electric Power Sector" ( Hiroaki Ikebe)
4. Pakistan:Bin Qasim Thermal Power Station Expansion Project
Research Paper "Privatization of the Power Sector" (Shuji Yotsuya)
5. Ghana:Private Investment and Sustained Development Promotion Loan
6. Brazil:The Program of Irrigation Equipment Financing (PROFIR) in the Cerrado Region
Research Paper
"Two-step Loan as a Development Financing Tool"(Kenichi Shibuta)
Desk Evaluation and Representative Office Evaluation
1. Thailand:Khon Kaen Water Supply Extension Project
2. Thailand:Meh moh Power Plant Project ( Unit 8 & 9)
3. Indonesia:Chirachap Spinning Mill Rehabilitation Project
4. Malaysia:Peninsula Gas Utilization Project ( Stage II)
5. Philippines:Mindanao Power Transmission Line Construction Project
6. The Republic of Korea:Daejeon City Water Supply Extension Project ( Phase III)
7. India:Ammonium Sulphate and Caprolactam Plant Construction Project Independent Power Generation Unit Extension Project for FACT Cochin
8. Myanmar:Steel Mill Renovation Project
9. Bangladesh:Jamuna Fertilizer Plant Construction Project
10. Sri Lanka:Telecommunications Network Extension Project
11. Nigeria:Lower Anambra Irrigation Project


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