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June 1, 2023 Board Memberʼs Activities JICA Executive Senior Vice President Yamada Met with Lao Deputy Prime Minister Saleumxay


May 30, 2023 Report Military Clashes in Sudan: What Caused Them and What Do They Mean for JICA’s Efforts?
May 24, 2023 Report “A Step Towards Hope”: JICA Supplies Sunflower and Corn Seeds to Support the Recovery and Reconstruction of Ukrainian Agriculture
May 19, 2023 President JICA President Tanaka Visited Papua New Guinea
May 18, 2023 Report [G7 Special 3] Cyber Vulnerabilities in Developing Countries Are a Threat to All
May 18, 2023 Report [G7 Special 2] Global Health in the Post COVID-19 World
May 17, 2023 Report [G7 Special 1] Supporting Ukraine, a Critical Issue that the International Community is Facing: The Roles of Japan and JICA
May 12, 2023 President JICA President Tanaka met with Bangladeshi Prime Minister Hasina
May 12, 2023 JICA President Tanaka met with ILO Director-General Houngbo


April 20, 2023 President President Tanaka Met with King Abdullah II and Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan
April 19, 2023 Seminars and Symposiums G7 Hiroshima Commemorative Event, Japan and UNICEF Working Together in the Fight against COVID-19: Reaching the Last One Mile for All - Stories from the Field -
April 14, 2023 President JICA President Tanaka met with Vice President Peña of the Dominican Republic
April 12, 2023 Report Clean Water as Foundation for Peace: New Water Supply System Changes More Lives in Juba, South Sudan
April 7, 2023 Report JICA Scholars from Laos Study Legal Sector Development
April 6, 2023 Report Promoting Gender Equality in Sports: Reviving the “LADIES FIRST” Athletic Competition in Tanzania after Three Years
April 4, 2023 Report Japanese Technology to Support Demining Efforts in Ukraine

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