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Japan Brand ODA

Unique know-how, experience and technologies originating in Japan and cultivated at international cooperation sites around the world are proving useful in the field in many developing countries. JICA is disseminating these methods and program models that are effective for solving problems to the rest of the world as the Japan Brand of international cooperation and promoting its use.

JICA Volunteer Program

Revisiting Human Security in Today's Global Context - JICA's Activities -

  • Human security against emerging challenges of today
  • Three principal strategies for human security
  • Peace and order
  • Poverty, inequality, and aging societies
  • Climate change and technological advancements


History of Friendship and Cooperation: The 50th Anniversary of Japan-Singapore Diplomatic Relations

  • Message from the Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • The 50th Anniversary of Japan-Singapore Diplomatic Relations
    Three Stories of International Cooperation
  • Chapter 01: Story of Productivity Development Project
    Human Resources are a National Tresure
  • Chapter 02: Story of Community Policing in Singapore
    Public Safety is the Key to the Country's Development
  • Chapter 03: Story of Human Resource Development for the 21st Century
    Moving Toward a True Partnership between Japan and Singapore
  • Japan's ODA Data for Singapore
  • Outline of Japan's ODA Project
  • Contributing to Industrial Human Resource Development
  • Feedback from Ex-Participants
  • History of Cooperation between Japan and Singapore


JICA's cooperation in supporting the Rule of Law, based on the following 3 pillars, are shown in this pamphlet

  • Ensuring Fundamental Rights for Human Security
  • Promoting Fair and Transparent Business Environment
  • Ensuring Stability in International Relations


JICA's Cooperation for Rule of Law Promotion

TOHOKUxWORLD: Tohoku, Uniting with the World

  • Message from JICA Tohoku
  • Striving Toward "Resilience through Resonance among Diversified Societies"
  • Linkage between Tohoku and the World
  • Steps Forward to and from Tohoku
  • ODA and JICA, The role of JICA Tohoku
  • JICA Tohoku Programs
  • JICA Tohoku Information


CONNECT WITH THE WORLD AND REVITALIZE COMMUNITY -Higashimatsushima City in Cooperation with JICA-

  • Preface
  • Higasimatsushima City
  • Tsunami Damage and Recovery
  • Damage and Recovery in Higashimatsushima
  • JICA’s Assistance in Higashimatsushima
  • JICA and Higashimatsushima Collaborative Projects
  • Joint Effort by Higashimatsushima and JICA
  • JICA’s Public-Private Partnerships toward Regional Revitalization


Delivering Innovation - LEDs for a Bright Future -

  • Light Supporting a Himalayan Kingdom
  • Enhanced Security on the Savannah at Night
  • Brightening the Lives of Island People


JICA's Regional Cooperation in ASEAN

  • JICA's Vision towards ASEAN Community Roadmap and ASEAN Connectivity
  • Strengthening ASEAN Connectivity
  • Strengthening ASEAN Community Building
  • Overview of JICA's Cooperation to ASEAN


Dive into the Blue Pacific

One-Stop Border Post Sourcebook 2nd Edition

While the 1st edition of the OSBP Sourcebook – published in September 2011 – proved to be a unique and useful tool for implementers of One Stop Border Posts (OSBPs), there was a need to update this reference so that implementers can learn from current knowledge, experience, and good practices rather from knowledge from a few years ago. The 2nd edition of the OSBP Sourcebook aims to meet this need.

  • Part I: The One-Stop Border Post Concept
  • Chapter 1: The OSBP Concept
  • Chapter 2: Rationale and Benefits of OSBPs
  • Chapter 3: Recommended Processes/ Practices and Lessons Learned for Establishing OSBPs
  • Chapter 4: OSBPs as Public Sector Projects
  • Part II: Critical Issues in the Implementation of OSBPs
  • Chapter 5: Baseline Surveys, Impact Assessment, and Monitoring for OSBPs
  • Chapter 6: Institutional Frameworks for OSBPs
  • Chapter 7: OSBP Funding and Management Models
  • Chapter 8: Legal and Regulatory Frameworks for OSBPs
  • Chapter 9: Border Procedures for OSBPs – Simplification and Harmonization
  • Chapter 10: Physical Facilities and Traffic Flow in OSBPs
  • Chapter 11: ICT and OSBPs
  • Chapter 12: Other Transport and Trade Facilitation Tools
  • Part III: OSBP Case Studies
  • Chapter 13: OSBP Case Studies


Agenda 2063 and JICA's Cooperation

Development of Industrial Human Resources in Africa : ABE Initiative

JICA in a Dynamic Africa

Through photos and data, the pamphlet visually introduces JICA’s achievements in African assistance in a wide range of fields, including infrastructure building, human resource development, agriculture, education, and peacebuilding.

  • Quality Infrastructure
  • Human Resource Development for Business and Industry
  • Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Quality Education for All
  • Universal Health Coverage
  • Access to Safe Water
  • Tackling Climate Change
  • Peace and Stability
  • History and Achievements of the TICAD
  • Data on Japan-Africa Cooperation


Private Sector Development in Africa and the Role of Japanese Private Sector

The pamphlet outlines JICA's efforts to develop the African private sector and collaborate with the private sector in an easy-to-understand manner. It introduces the private-sector partnership program, overseas volunteer programs in collaboration with the private sector, and the ABE Initiative.

  • JICA's activities for private sector-led economic growth in Africa
  • Promoting Japanese business activities in Africa for inclusive and sustainable development
  • Menu of JICA's Partnership with the Japanese Private Sector
  • Activities of Japanese companies in collaboration with their African partners
  • African Business Education Initiative for Youth (ABE Initiative)
  • Private-Sector Partnership Volunteer Program


JICA's Initiatives for Africa
Advancing Africa's Development through People, Technology and Innovation

This pamphlet summarizes JICA's initiatives for Africa in line with ‘TICAD7: Japan's contributions for Africa,' which was released by the government of Japan at TICAD7 in 2019.

  • Accelerating economic transformation and improving business environment through innovation and private sector engagement
  • Deepening sustainable and resilient society
  • Strengthening peace and stability


JICA's Initiatives in Africa
Progress and achievements in activities for "Investment for the Future of Africa"


Public-Private Partnership Initiatives in Africa TICAD V (2013-17) TICADVI (2016-2017)

Updates on JICA's activities in Africa under TICADV & TICADVI, based on the following 3 pillars of Nairobi Declaration, are shown in this pamphlet.

  • Promoting structural economic transformation through economic diverification and industrialization
  • Promoting resilient health systems for quality of life
  • Promoting social stability for shared prosperity


JICA's Activities in Africa TICAD V: Five-Years Assistance 2013-2017

  • Robust and Sustainable Economy
  • Inclusive and Resilient Society
  • Peace and Stability


JICA in Sudan

  • About JICA
  • Where We Work
  • Our Programs - Ensuring Human Security
  • Our Programs - Building Bridge between People and Public Sector
  • Our Programs
  • Towards Further Cooperation


The Birth of NEW JICA

  • Facts and Figures
  • Our Vision, Mission and Strategy
  • Appendix: Quick Facts


JICA's Approach to the Millennium Development Goals

  • Overview and Progress of the MDGs
  • JICA's Approach to the MDGs
  • Towards the Achievement of the MDGs - New Challenges -


JICA's "Human Security" Approach: Features and Case Studies

  • Human Security and JICA
  • Freedom from Fear and Want
  • Thorough consideration for the socially vulnerable
  • Protection and Empowerment
  • Addressing global risks



  • This pamphlet was jointly produced by JICA and ITTO (International Tropical Timber Organization).


We are islanders! : For the future of the Pacific

  • We are islanders ! : For the future of the Pacific
  • Links between Japan and the Pacific region
  • Activities by JICA in the Pacific region
  • JICA Offices and Branches in the Pacific region


Our Commitment to Peace JICA's Approach to Peacebuilding

In Development Cooperation Charter issued in 2015 the Japanese Government committed itself to contribute more proactively to the peace, stability and prosperity of the international community and, in a bid to achieve this goal the Charter set "sharing universal values and realizing a peaceful and secure society" as one of the priority issues to be tackled. In accordance with such government priority, JICA is making contributions through two areas of "realizing an equitable and inclusive society", and "ensuring peace, stability, and safety". In the field of "ensuring peace, stability, and safety", JICA conducts (1) Building a resilient state where conflict does not occur/recur, and (2) Establishing just and robust governance.


Bridging towards Peacebuilding

A legacy of more than two decades of conflict in Cambodia is a large number of concealed landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXO) throughout the country. The Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC) was established for the purpose of removing those landmines and UXO.

The CMAC possess knowledge and technical capability developed through the implementation of activities spanning more than 20 years. How will activities conducted by the CMAC, which has walked step-in-step with Japan, develop going forward? This is a report from the field.


Water Human Future

  • Capacity Development in the Water Sector for the Enhancement of Human Security
  • Safe and Stable Water Supply and Improvement of Sanitation
  • Water Environment Preservation
  • Improvement of Flood Management to Protect Lives and Property
  • Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)


Creating a Sound Material-cycle Society in Small Islands

  • Japan’s cooperation in the field of solid waste management in the Pacific region


Every Life is Precious

  • Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Issues
  • JICA's Programs and Projects for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH)
  • MCH Handbook
  • Bangladesh
  • Lao People's Democratic Republic
  • Paraguay
  • Republic of Ghana


JICA's Cooperation for Climate Change

Indonesia's Development and JICA

JICA Basic Education Cooperation in Africa

  • Africa's Current Situation and JICA's Cooperation in Basic Education


Together With

  • With Nature
  • With the World
  • With Belief
  • With Hope
  • With You


Urban Development : Shaping a Better Future With People

  • JICA's Profile as the best partner for Urban and Regional Development


JICA's Cooperation in Egypt (For Sustainable Growth and Prosperity of Egypt)

  • General description of Egypt
  • Activities in each sector
  • JICA's Major Projects


JICA's Cooperation in Tunisia (Coopération de la JICA en Tunisie depuis 1975)

  • JICA Tunisia at a Glance
  • Overview on JICA Tunisia Office's Programs
  • Major Projects in Tunisia
  • Lists of all Projects Since 1975 (Technical Cooperation, Grants and Yen Loan)
  • Ongoing Projects Sheets


JICA Development Studies Program (JICA-DSP)

JICA's activities on Disability and Development

JICA's Cooperation for Disaster Risk Reduction: Disaster Resilient Society for All - Integrating Disaster Risk Reduction Challenges with Sustainable Development -