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Compliance and Anti-corruption

JICA's Compliance

JICA, as an organization that is responsible for Japan's ODA, places a high degree of importance on compliance in executing its missions with the aim of meeting the expectations of Japanese citizens, as well as earning the trust and meeting the needs of the international community. JICA adheres strictly to all domestic and overseas laws, regulations and rules while bearing social norms in mind.

All JICA officers/employees are committed to doing our utmost not only to comply with the relevant laws and regulations as well as JICA's internal rules, but also to perform our operations with pride supported by professional ethics and self-discipline.

JICA's Compliance Policy

  1. JICA shall improve the transparency and fairness of its operations and financial activities in order to secure public trust.
  2. JICA shall contribute to the sound development of the international economic community through development assistance in order to secure the trust of the international community.
  3. JICA shall meet the needs of developing regions and swiftly and flexibly provide quality service.
  4. JICA shall consider natural and social environments when conducting its operations.
  5. JICA shall communicate well with various levels of society and maintain an organizational culture of transparency.

JICA's Anti-Corruption effort

JICA carries out various preventive measures against fraud and corruption in Japan's ODA projects by closely cooperating with not only the Japanese Government but also partner countries' government, executing agencies, and companies.

JICA Anti-Corruption Guidance

JICA Anti-Corruption Guidance explains the definition of fraud and corruption, JICA's measures against fraud and corruption, required actions by partner countries' governments, executing agencies, and companies. This guidance is distributed to ODA project related people and requests thoroughgoing implementation of measures against fraud.

Anti-Corruption Policy Guide

Anti-Corruption Policy Guide is a brochure in order to disseminate the anti-corruption policy of MOFA and JICA. When encountering any fraudulent and corrupt offer or request, those who participate in ODA projects are expected to show this policy guide and refuse that firmly. JICA distribute this policy guide for contract counterparties as well as replication is permitted with the electric data below.

JICA's Measures against Fraud and Corruption

As a means to respond to fraud and corruption that occur in relation to ODA implemented by JICA, JICA has established rules to impose certain measures against persons or entities who have engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices ("Measures"). Under the Measures, in the case where a person or an entity is found to have engaged in fraud and corruption in connection with an ODA-related contract, that ODA-related contract will lose its eligibility for ODA support or funding, and the person or the entity will not be eligible to participate in any tender for ODA-related contracts for a certain period of time to be determined by JICA.

The Rules on Measures and a list of the past cases of the Measures can be found on the following pages.

Consultation Desk on Anti-Corruption

JICA provides a consultation service for information related to fraud and corruption in Japan's ODA projects. JICA has established a section in charge of anti-corruption within JICA to respond to information on fraud and corruption with the participation of external experts (lawyers and certified public accountants).

Anti-Corruption in ODA Projects


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