JICA Security Initiatives

JICA’s basic policy for security initiatives has been established as the “Declaration on Security Measures .” Security initiatives are implemented based on this policy.

To all stakeholders involved in international cooperation projects

We at JICA provide security information and pre-travel briefings specific to each country in which we are based, and conduct security training (lectures and practical exercises) for project stakeholders.


October 31, 2022
The application password for country-specific security information will change from November 1, 2022. Please note that the old password will no longer be usable from November 1.

JICA is focused on providing security initiatives for stakeholders active in countries with many security issues, so that they can work safely and with peace of mind. Additionally, these security initiatives have been further strengthened in light of the Final Report of the “Council on Safety Measures for International Cooperation Projects ,” which was published in August 2016.
Note: The information posted on this page is mostly aimed at those involved in international cooperation projects, and JICA independently provides the necessary security information for conducting JICA projects. Please use this in conjunction with the information on security, terrorism, and infectious diseases—as well as other security initiatives—specific to each country/region provided on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Travel Safety website.

Information about security initiatives

Relevant Links

You can also get other information, such as general travel information, and register with Tabi-Regi from the links below.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs free overseas travel safety information service. JICA would like everyone involved in projects to register with “Tabi-Regi.” Please register before you travel.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Travel Safety website

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Travel Safety website (Tabi-Regi registration and warning information etc. for traveling overseas)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Golgo 13 Overseas Travel Safety Manual for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises/SMEs”

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