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Ex-Post Evaluation

Post-Evaluation Reports in Fiscal 1996

Detailed Evaluation
1. Malaysia:Optical Fiber Cable System Project
Research Paper:
"Analysis and Evaluation of Privatization Policy of Malaysian Communications Sector"(Toshiyuki Otaka)
2. Indonesia:Mt.Semeru Urgent Rehabilitation Project/Mt.Merapi Urgent Volcanic Debris Control Project
3. Bangladesh:Integrated Evaluation on Fertilizer Factory Projects
4. Sri Lanka:Greater Colombo Telecommunication Network Improvement Project
Research Paper:
"Measures to Promote the Development of the Telecommunication Sector in Developing Countries- A Study of Sri Lanka 's case"(Akihiro Sakakibara/Shuji Yotsuya)
5. Sri Lanka:Mahaweli Development Project(System C)(I)(II)
Research Paper:
"Sustainability of Mahaweli Development Project"(Kenichi Shibuta)
Desk Evaluation
1. Thailand:Nakhon Ratchasima Water Supply Expansion Project
2. Malaysia:Highway Toll System Project
3. Malaysia:Rural Development(Poverty Eradication)Project/Regional Development(Poverty Eradication)Project/Rural Development(Poverty Eradication)Project(2)
4. Indonesia:Equipment Supply for Remote Area Telecommunication Network
5. Indonesia:Riam Kanan Irrigation Project
6. Indonesia:Central Bureau of Statistics Computer Expansion Project
7. Philippines:Bataan Export Processing Zone Project(II)
8. Philippines:Metro Manila Drainage System Rehabilitation Project
9. China:Urban Gas Project/Urban Gas Project(II)
10. Korea:Dairy Facilities Improvement Project
11. Korea:Medical Facilities Expansion Project(Children's Hospital)
12. Korea:C.R. and M.R.Equipment Reinforcement Project
13. Korea:Education Facilities Expansion Project
14. Myanmar:Gas Turbine Power Station Project.


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