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About Post Implementation Stage Evaluation (Ex-post Evaluation and Ex-post Monitoring)

Ex-post Evaluation and Ex-post Monitoring

JICA conducts ex-post evaluation and ex-post monitoring in order to evaluate completed projects comprehensively and monitor if the project's effectiveness, impact, and sustainability will continue to materialize after project completion.

JICA performs the ex-post evaluation and ex-post monitoring after project completion. Compared with other evaluation schemes, evaluations conducted at the post implementation stage place more importance on the aspect of accountability. Therefore, external evaluations, whereby an external third-party makes evaluation judgments, are conducted for projects over a certain size. All three assistance schemes are subject to ex-post evaluation, of which there are two types: detailed ex-post evaluation (in principle, projects over 1 billion yen; external evaluation) and internal ex-post evaluation (projects over 200 million yen and under 1 billion yen; implemented by JICA's overseas offices). At the stage after the completion of each project, JICA conducts a comprehensive evaluation using the Six DAC Criteria. One distinctive feature of the detailed ex-post evaluation is the application of a rating system in order to present the evaluation results in a way that is easy to understand.

Ex-post monitoring is usually conducted seven years after the completion of ODA Loan projects if there were concerns in project effectiveness and sustainability based on the results of the ex-post evaluation. It re-verifies the project's effectiveness, impact, and sustainability, as well as monitors the extent to which recommendations drawn from the ex-post evaluation are being applied. It aims to extract recommendations and lessons learned necessary for the project impact to be sustained and improved as a whole.


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