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Climate Change / Environmental and Social Considerations

JBIC Guidelines for Confirmation of Environmental and Social Considerations

Environmental Guidelines (PDF/150KB)

*Provisional translation version is now replaced with formal translation.


Category PDF EXCEL
1. Mining (17KB) (40KB)
2. Oil and Natural Gas Development (17KB) (40KB)
3. Oil and Gas Pipelines (16KB) (34KB)
4. Iron and Steel (17KB) (35KB)
5. Non-ferrous Metals Smelting and Refining (15KB) (35KB)
6. Petrochemicals (15KB) (33KB)
7. Petroleum Refining (15KB) (34KB)
8. Paper and Pulp (15KB) (34KB)
9. Chemical Manufacturing (15KB) (34KB)
10. General Manufacturing (15KB) (34KB)
11. Thermal Power (15KB) (35KB)
12. Dams and Reservoirs (16KB) (35KB)
13. Other Electric Generation (15KB) (35KB)
14. Power Transmission and Distribution Lines (13KB) (31KB)
15. Roads and Railways (15KB) (35KB)
16. Airports (15KB) (36KB)
17. Ports and Harbors (15KB) (35KB)
18. Water Supply (13KB) (29KB)
19. Sewage and Wastewater Treatment (13KB) (29KB)
20. Waste Management and Disposal (15KB) (33KB)
21. River and Channel Projects (13KB) (30KB)
22. Irrigation Projects (14KB) (31KB)
23. Agriculture and Livestock Projects (13KB) (29KB)
24. Forestry Projects (15KB) (33KB)
25. Fishery Projects (14KB) (33KB)
26. Other Infrastructure Projects (14KB) (32KB)
  • Note 1) Regarding the term "Country's Standards" mentioned in the environmental checklists, in the event that environmental standards in the country where the project is located diverge significantly from international standards, appropriate environmental considerations are made, if necessary. In cases where local environmental regulations are yet to be established in some areas, considerations should be made based on comparisons with appropriate standards of other countries ( including Japan' experience ) .
  • Note 2) Environmental checklists provide general environmental items to be checked. It may be necessary to add or delete an item taking into account the characteristics of the project and the particular circumstances of the country and locality in which it is located.


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