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JICA Kenya Office

Alumni Association


JICA Ex-participants Alumni of Kenya (JEPAK) is a network of Kenya professionals who have benefited from Kenya/Japan technical assistance through the Japan International Co-operation Agency. The Registrar of Societies registered it on the 22nd of February 1983.

It is estimated that over 4500 Kenyans representing all shades of professionalism have gone through various programmes offered by JICA since its inception. According to JEPAK constitution, one of the major pre-occupation of JEPAK is to promote friendly relations, culture and understanding between the Kenyan and Japanese peoples. In addition, JEPAK is expected to enhance interaction and exchange of experiences of the members of the Alumni.

Over the years, the Alumni excelled in the social interaction between the members, their families and the Japanese residents in Kenya and particularly those working for JICA- Kenya Office. Due to the changing dynamism of globalisation, emerging challenges of Information Technology, unpredictable economic fortunes, poverty and HIV/AIDS, JEPAK is increasingly being challenged to mobilise and utilise the varied professional skills available among its members to address the above mentioned issues in partnership with JICA. This way JEPAK will gain recognition as a reservoir of professional skills available to be utilised for national development.

Initially the network focused more on enhancing the social cultural and friendly ties of the Kenyan and Japanese peoples. However, JEPAK recently adopted a more pragmatic and strategic direction to harness the rich and varied academic and professional skills and experiences among the alumni to undertake concrete and focused activities to contribute towards social economic development of the country.

JEPAK Vision And Mission

JEPAK is a countrywide network/coalition of professionals committed to community empowerment, alleviation of poverty and eradication of HIV/AIDS through participatory approach to development, capacity building and partnership at the grass root level. In addition JEPAK is a catalyst for enhancing and sustaining friendship and cultural ties between the Kenyan and Japanese peoples, through social and interaction, exchange programme and professional stimulation.

JEPAK believes in equal opportunities and social justice for all Kenyans. The organisation will mobilise and utilise the varied skills and expertise possessed by its members to realise this shared vision.

JEPAK aims to be a sustainable world class alumni association and leading think tank in the African region; creating value to its members, partners and stakeholders.

To mobilise membership and tap its pool of expertise to provide service for socio-economic development while maintaining strong cultural and technological links between the peoples of Kenya and Japan.


To mobilise and utilise JEPAK varied human resource for grass root community empowerment, alleviation of poverty eradication in Kenya and enhancing the friendly ties, Technical Cooperation between Kenya and Japan.


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