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JICA Laos Office

NGO-JICA Japan Desk

Purpose and Main Activities


  1. To help inform the public about Japanese NGOs currently active or seeking to begin activities in Laos, programs for international cooperation and NGO-related legislation.
  2. To provide information on Japanese international cooperation and cultural exchange programs run by Japanese NGOs and JICA to people of any nationality.
  3. To provide a place for the presentation of results of NGO activities to the public or to sell the products of the activities and programs run by Japanese NGOs and JICA.

Main Activities

  1. Exhibition
    We display information introducing activities and programs conducted by JICA and Japanese NGOs.
  2. Library
    We collect and organize brochures, books, reports and materials related to Japanese NGOs, JICA projects, Laos and Japan.
  3. Publicity
    The information mentioned above is available on websites and from NGO-JICA Japan Desk at JICA Laos Office.

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