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NGO-JICA Japan Desk

Information about how NGOs can start their operations in Zambia
(1)NGO Registration

The law of the Non-Governmental Organisations Act No. 16 of 2009 (the "Act") requires all NGOs as well as international NGOs operating in Zambia to be registered in accordance with the Act.

You can get further information at the Registrar for NGOs on +260 211 220974, the Provincial Community Development and Social Welfare Offices or Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health Headquarters.

1) Certificate of Registration

(a) Step1

You need to submit three copies of Rules and Regulations of your NGO and a recommendation letter from the collaboration government Ministry. Below are the guidelines of a constitution and the recommendation letter. You may not necessarily follow the order below, however the rules and regulation of your NGO must have contents as outlined below.

<Guidelines of a constitution>

  1. Name of Organisation
  2. Postal/ Physical Address
  3. Objectives/ Aims
  4. Office Bearers
  5. Duties of Office Bearers
  6. Term of Office Bearers
  7. Members
  8. Termination of Membership
  9. Discipline
  10. Finance
  11. Meetings
  12. Elections
  13. Amendments to Constitution
  14. Dissolution
  15. Disposal of Assets upon Dissolution

Extract from "Register a Society or Church" by Office of the registrar of societies

<Recommendation letter>

  • Recommendation letter from line Ministry which the NGO will work under.

(b) Step2

When you submit the above, details about the procedure and required documents will be provided. Below are the required documents;

  • Form 1- Application for Registration/Exemption, the form must be submitted in triplicate (3)
  • Copies of NRC, Passport or Driving Licences in respect of Zambian Members and Immigration permits in respect of Non-Zambian members must be submitted. Additionally phone numbers of the office bearers should be included.
  • All the members appearing on the form must be scrutinized and cleared by the Police before the application for Registration is submitted.( Fingerprint certificates should be attached to the application)
  • Three certified copies of the NGO's Constitution must be attached.
  • Clearance letter from the Registrar of Societies, PACRA and Lands and Deeds.
  • Fee: ZMW1,008.00 for International NGOs
  • Registration forms can be obtained from the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health, Headquarters, at the department of Registrar for NGOs and the District Community Health Office in all the Provincial capitals, where a manual receipt will be issued upon production of a computerized bank receipt and deposit slip showing payment of a non-refundable application fee. Bank details can be obtained from JICA Zambia office.
  • *1) If you want to make a branch of the registered NGO, you also need to submit the recommendation letter from that NGO.

    (c) Step3

    When your documents are approved, you will be given the certification which has a registration number. The certification is issued within three months of submission of all required documents. You are advised to make a schedule which shows time deadlines.

    2) Annual Return

    After NGO Registration, you need to submit the annual report by the end of every year of the organisation's registration date.

    Required documents

    • Application Form (3 copies)
    • Minutes (2 originals)
    • Annual financial report
    • Fee (ZMW216.00)

    3) Change of Bearers

    When you change the Bearers, you need to report.

    • Application Form (4 Copies)
    • Minutes (2 originals)
    • Photocopies of new Bearers' employment Permit (if foreigner) or NRC (if Zambian)
    • Certified Police Certification: Take the fingerprints at the police station with an application form. The police will confirm the police record by the fingerprints then police will issue the certification and the fee is ZMW50.00.

    4) Change of Name, Constitution/ Rules/ Objects and Postal/ Physical Address

    Required documents

    • Application Form (4copies)
    • Minutes (2 originals)
    • New Constitution, Rules or Objects in case of change them (3 copies)
    • Original NGO Registration in case of change the name

    *2) You may be required to submit the cover letter as procedure. You are advised to prepare the cover letter which shows your procedure in advance.

    5) Jurisdiction: Registrar for NGOs (Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health) and the Provincial Community Development and Social Welfare Offices

    Ministry of Community Development Mother and Child Health,

    Community House,

    Sadzu Road

    Private Bag W252,


    6) Others

    You can buy the Zambian papers on law (Act for NGOs, Statutory Instrument etc) which you need when you are operating a NGO in Zambia at Government Printers. Details are below:

    Tel: +260-211-236414
    Place: Near Levy Shopping Mall
    Working hours: Monday – Friday 9:00-13:00 14:00-17:00

    Contact us should you need any further clarification!

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