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NGO-JICA Japan Desk

Information about how NGOs can start their operations in Zambia
(2)Press Accreditation

In case your travel purpose is for press activities, in addition to the VISA, Press Accreditation Approval and clearance of your equipment should be arranged before you arrive in Zambia.

1) Procedure (Summary)

You need to submit all requested documents to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Zambia Information Services (ZANIS). Press Accreditation is authorized and a letter regarding the press will be issued to Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) by ZANIS.

Using an authorized clearing agent, you can start clearance of your equipment at the ZRA entry port.

If you have a local travel coordinator in Zambia, please arrange to get it through the coordinator.

It will take about one week, according to ZANIS and it will take another week for clearance. However the Zambian Embassy in Tokyo advises that it takes over two months to obtain its permission, you are advised to make a schedule which has time frame.

2) Application Procedure

(a) Step1 -Requirements-

You need to prepare an application letter, Press Accreditation Form, and fee.

Application Letter

Include the following details.

  1. The News Media Organization you work for;
  2. Your reporting assignment;
  3. Your subject of interview – if you intend to interview government officials, give the general questions you wish to ask;
  4. Your contact person in Zambia;
  5. The dates of your arrival and stay in Zambia;
  6. A letter from your Editor confirming your reporting assignment;
  7. Passport details of self and accompanying crew;
  8. Three (3) recent passport-size photographs; and
  9. A list of your photographic and recording equipment (make and serial numbers, value for each and total value)

If you will film in Zambia, the letter should include the following details;

  1. Please provide a synopsis of the film
  2. Indicate the places in Zambia where you would like to shoot the film
  3. Do you intend to interview any government officials for the film? If so, give their names and questions
  4. Who is your contact person in Zambia
  5. Give the names and passport particulars (name, nationality, place of birth, date of birth, date of issue of passport and expiration date) of the filming crew going to Zambia


The Director
Zambia Information Services
Mass Media Complex- (Press Section)
P.O.Box 50020, Lusaka, Zambia

Press Accreditation Form

You can download it from the websites of the Zambian Embassy or Zambia High Commission.



(b) Step2 -ZANIS-

Through your coordinator, submit the above (a) documents to ZANIS. After about one week Press Accreditation is authorized and a letter regarding the equipment for the press will be issued to Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) by ZANIS. When you get those documents, your work at ZANIS is complete.

AddressZambia Information Services, Mass Media Complex- (Press Section) Alick Nkhata Road, Lusaka, Zambia
Tel:+260-211-253977 / 251992

(c) Step3 -Clearance at ZRA-

After your coordinator completes your procedure at ZANIS, your coordinator can start the clearance of your equipment for press activities. You have to make sure that your coordinator finishes clearing of your equipment before you arrive in Zambia. If your coordinator has not done it before your arrival, your equipment might be confiscated at entry port.

Your coordinator shall submit the photocopies of Press Accreditation, List of your equipments, and the original letter from ZANIS to the ZRA entry port before you arrive. When your documents are accepted, they will give you an application form for the clearance. Your coordinator will fill in the form and attach the photocopies of Press Accreditation, List of your equipments, and letter from ZANIS. Then your coordinator will make photocopies of those and hand in the original and one set of photocopies to ZRA.

When they are accepted, ZRA will issue a letter regarding the clearance of your equipment. However, your coordinator must find a clearing agent and hand over the letter from ZRA to the agent who will then handle the rest of the clearing job with ZRA. You will then be required to pay K50,040 per customs clearance documentation (entry) and agent service charge.

When all the correct documents are submitted, Customs will then approve for your equipment clearance into Zambia. Upon arrival at the port of entry, you will have to show the ZRA officer the photocopies of your approved documents including Press Accreditation and tell them that the original documents are already with them (ZRA). Customs procedure demands that goods are inspected before entry. This therefore, means that you allow them to check your equipment.

(d) Step4 -Departure-

Before you leave Zambia, ensure you get in touch with your agent as customs demands that the equipment is cleared before exit. Therefore, your agent will handle all matters relating to the customs clearance of your equipment.

Contact us should you need any further clarification!

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