Azerbaijan, officially the Republic of Azerbaijan is an important and the largest country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Azerbaijan is divided partially between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Azerbaijan has experienced remarkable economic growth in recent years, this has been due largely to the progress of economic reforms since the breakup of the Soviet Union.

Azerbaijan's economy mainly depends on oil and natural gas production. Other industries that contribute to its economy include cotton and agricultural products. In Azerbaijan JICA's cooperation is focused on three priority areas:

1) Improvement of Economic Infrastructure (especially in the field of Energy and Transportation),
2) Improvement of Health and Medical Care Services, Education Quality, and Environmental Measures,
3) Human Resource Development.

Based on this, JICA provides cooperation for Power generation, Water supply and Sanitation projects. For human resource development, Japan extends its cooperation to develop capacities of officers in central government ministries and agencies to improve institutions as well as human resources in the fields of medical care and education.

Office Information
The JICA Uzbekistan Office oversees JICA’s work in Azerbaijan.
JICA Uzbekistan Office
5th floor, International Business Center ,107-B, Amir Temur Ave., Tashkent 100084 Uzbekistan

What's New

March 23, 2017 JICA in the News and Learning Japanese experience in disaster management for landslide and sediment-related disasters (in Azerbaijan)
March 8, 2017 "JICA Mini Grant Project in Azerbaijan": Provision of medical equipment for Educational-Surgical clinic of the Azerbaijan Medical University and "JICA Mini Grant Project in Azerbaijan": Provision of wielding equipment and its accessories to Vocational education and training school N 4 of Baku city
March 7, 2017 "JICA Mini Grant Project in Azerbaijan": Design and research of dual axis solar tracking system (the sunflower) in condition of Baku, Azerbaijan
March 6, 2017 JICA in the News
February 20, 2017 JICA workshop on tourism sector development (Azerbaijan)


The JICA Uzbekistan Office oversees JICA’s work in Azerbaijan.


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