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In July 2016, Cambodia became the lower-middle income country, then after that GDP growth rate maintains around 7%. Recently, Japanese corporations are actively expanding their business in Cambodia. JICA's assistance—such as strengthening the logistics network on both the hard and soft sides such as roads, ports, and procedure of customs on the Southern Economic Corridor, and comprehensive soft support such as developing human resources in industry—is contributing to the activities of the private sector. However, Cambodia is facing new challenges such as the disparity between urban and rural areas and the intensification of urbanization problems in Phnom Penh. To further strengthen the economic and social infrastructure for achieving upper-middle income countries by 2030, JICA is focusing its support on industrial development by promoting agriculture, improving infrastructure, enhancing better quality of life through health care and water supply and sewerage system development, and fostering a sustainable society through the strengthening of governance through legal reform.

Office Information
JICA Cambodia Office
16th and 17th floors, Keystone Building, #146 Norodom Boulevard, Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA
(P.O. Box 613, Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

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News & Features

September 29, 2022 JICA Special Advisor Kitaoka held talks with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen
September 16, 2022 JICA Chair Special Lecture at Japan Alumni Special Forum in Cambodia
September 15, 2022 Special Advisor Kitaoka gave JICA Chair Special Lecture at NIDIR, Cambodia
August 8, 2022 Signing of Japanese ODA Loan Agreement with Cambodia: Expanding Sihanoukville Port through the construction of new container terminals to contribute to the improvement of the logistics environment in Cambodia
May 27, 2022 Signing of a Loan Agreement for Rural Area Agricultural Sector Supporting Project in Cambodia(Private Sector Investment Finance) : Improving Access to Finance for the Agriculture Sector

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