Although Cameroon is blessed with natural resources and suited to agriculture, the country's economic potential has not solved the problem of poverty caused by stagnant economic growth in recent years and widening economic disparity. With a per capita GNI of 1,210 dollars in 2011, the country was ranked 150 of 187 countries on the 2011 UNDP Human Development Index. JICA's support to Cameroon is primarily focused on 1) human resource development, 2) economic development, 3) agricultural and rural development. Also, from the aspect of regional development, JICA supports 4) economic-infrastructure improvement and 5) environmental conservation.

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JICA Cameroon Office
4ème étage, Y-Building, Rue 1775 (Nouvelle Route Bastos), Yaoundé, Cameroun
(B.P. 13538, Yaounde, Cameroun)

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