JICA DX Vision - 3Transformations and 9 Actions

JICA DX Vision: Creating a quality digital society where everyone can realize diverse Well-being

JICA aims to create a resilient and sustainable society where no one is left behind, and each person who live in safe life to realize diverse opportunities and happiness by making full use of digital technology and data with the fullest of human power and creativity.

3 Transformation and 9 Actions to Promote JICA DX Vision

Transformation 1. Business Transformation: Creating innovative development impact through digital

We will promote the utilization of digital technology and data to create a high development impact. In addition, bring together diverse knowledge and promote our business with innovative ideas.

(1) Creation of new value using digital technology

To aim for high development effects, fully utilize digital technologies and data, which will be the core of society in the future in all businesses and develop business models that will provide new value to society through digitalization in each field. Promote innovative initiatives by establishing DX Lab to encourage challenges and ingenuity.

(2) Promoting co-creation that creates innovation

Through co-creation with diverse partners, incorporate innovative technologies and approaches and utilize them in our business. Additionally, seek to problem solving through integration and collaboration with partners. Promote the sharing and utilization of knowledge accumulated and information with external parties.

(3) Strengthening a diverse human resource network

Digitally strengthen human networks through strength and assets of JICA. Maintain and develop the relationships with diverse human resources established through international cooperation, strategically and effectively strengthen our human resource network by building mutual and continuous relationships online.

Example of "Strengthening a diverse human resource network"

JICA's Young Employees are Connecting the Dots! Connecting People Globally and Creating New Value Through Social Media

Transformation 2.Talent Transformation: Promoting active participation of JICA staff through digitalization

Have every JICA staff change their mindset, master digital technology and data, and utilize their individual strengths and team power to play an even more active role.

(4) A mindset that responds promptly and flexibly to a rapidly changing world

To have every JICA staff to play evermore active roles, every staff must respond to ever drastically changing world with agility, strengthen their awareness to “innovation” and “Co-creation,” acquire code of conduct which develops value through digitalization.

(5) Improving skills and literacy to fully utilize digital technology and data utilization

Improve digital skills and literacy through re-skilling of each staff such that they can work on the premise of digital utilization. In addition, the digital capabilities of the entire organization can be enhanced by fostering leaders who will lead DX as a “digital translator” who connect digital technology with business and operations, such that it will lead to securing of the advanced digital human resources who are familiar with innovative technologies.

(6) Respecting diversity and create a work environment supported by a sense of unity

Digitally create a work environment that allows staff to work flexibly and effectively without being bound by various restrictions such as location, time, language, and disabilities. Flexibly form a team with a sense of unity as an organization and team among each staff, allowing demonstration of each other's individual strengths.

Transformation 3.Organization Transformation : Organizational management innovation and digital infrastructure development

Develop a robust and modern digital infrastructure, streamline business processes, and innovate organizational operations to quickly establish a significant value by penetrating data-driven management.

(7) Establishment of effective and efficient work process system

Establish an efficient and effective business process system by thoroughly streamlining business processes and effectively utilizing digital technology from the user's point of view, and drastically reduce the workload associated administrative procedures for staff and external partners. At the same time, promote the acceleration of business and improving its agility.

(8) Penetration of data-driven organization and business operations

Build and operate a system for accumulating, analyzing, and utilizing data to make accurate and prompt decisions based on data and evidence. Visualize the situation / results using data, and in business, promote visualization of development impact / business results based on data and evidence.

(9) Developing a resilient and modern digital infrastructure

Develop and maintain a robust and modern digital infrastructure as an "engine" for DX promotion and infrastructure for the utilization of digital technologies and data. In addition, we will strive to achieve both convenience and ensuring cybersecurity.