[Mozambique] ABE Initiative Reporting and Networking Session 2023

Event Title

[Mozambique] ABE Initiative Reporting and Networking Session 2023


  • Meeting name: ABE Initiative Reporting and Networking Session 2023 in Mozambique
  • Date: Friday, September 15, 2023
  • Sponsored by: JICA Mozambique Office
  • Location: Hybrid style
  • Venue: Maputo, Republic of Mozambique
  • Hotel Cardoso Conference Room Salao Bayette



  • 10 ABE Initiative (herein after called as “ABE”) Ex-participants
  • 6 ABE 10th batch participants who are coming to Japan this fall
  • 6 Representatives of Japanese companies in Mozambique
  • 11 Government officials of the Republic of Mozambique
  • 2 Officials from the Embassy of Japan in Mozambique


  • 25 Ex- and current participants
  • 2 ABE 10th batch participants who are coming to Japan this fall
  • Ambassador of Mozambique to Tokyo
  • 5 Person from Japanese company
  • 1 Assistant to the Dean of Lurio University a (supervisor of ABE presenter)


Opening speech

His Excellency Mr. Daniel Nivagara
Minister of Science, Technology, and Higher Education
Mr. Taira Iwasaki
Charge d’Affaires of the Embassy of Japan in Mozambique

Presentation by ABE Ex-participants

Mr. TIMANE Ilidio Manuel (ABE 7th batch Ex-participant)
Mr. FRANCISCO Elton Amadeus (ABE 7th batch Ex-participant)
Mr. NASSAPE Jose Goncalves (ABE 6th batch Ex-participant)
Mr. Jaime Afonso MACOME (ABE 1st batch Ex-participant)
Mr. ANDRE Aldino Maria (ABE 7th batch Ex-participant)
Mr. Sergio Bernardo VIEGAS (ABE 5th batch Ex-participant)
Mr. MASSIQUE Horacio Manuel (ABE 7th batch Ex-participant)

Presentation by Japanese companies in Japan

Mr. Hiroyoshi Noro (DIVIC Corp.)
Mr. Nene Kato, Mr. Uday NILATKAR (Maruhachi Tent Co., Ltd.)
Mr. Koji Ogino (Scale Out Inc.)

Presentation by Japanese companies in Mozambique

Mr. Teppei Maki (Toyota Tsusho Corporation / CFAO Motors Mozambique)
Mr. Tetsuya Kusama (Mitsui & Co. Europe Plc)
Mr. Takuro Sekiya (Nippon Biodiesel Fuel Co., Ltd./ Agro-Negócio para o Desenvolvimento de Moçambique, Limitada)

Closing Remarks

Mr. Kazuki Otsuka (Chief Representative of JICA Mozambique Office),

Background / Purposes

Japan aims to enhance industrial human resources in Africa as a "navigator" who will support Japanese businesses in Africa through provision of opportunities to obtain master's degrees at Japanese universities and internships at Japanese companies. JICA is an implementing agency for this African Business Education Initiative for Youth (ABE).

The event was held in a hybrid style for connecting ABE alumni and Japanese companies in Mozambique and Japan at the local venue as well as via online.
The main purpose of this event was:
- To have presenters report on their achievements
- To strengthen collaboration between ABE ex- and current participants,
- To provide opportunities for promoting collaboration between Japanese companies and ABE ex-


At the beginning of the meeting, the opening remark was delivered by the JICA Mozambique Office and followed by a greeting from Counselor Iwasaki of the Embassy of Japan in Mozambique. The Counselor mentioned that interactions between ABE Ex-participants and Japanese companies are important for promoting economic partnership between those two countries, and the Embassy of Japan has been supporting the establishment and development of the ABE Alumni Association in Mozambique.

Mr. Daniel Nivigara, the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education of Mozambique, expressed his gratitude and spoke about his expectations for future collaborations between ABEex-participants, current participants and Japanese companies. He also expressed his gratitude for the cooperation among the persons involved in ABE initiative project.

Seven ABE ex-participants gave presentations on their research outcomes in Japan, what they learned through internships, and their current activities. Each of them made use of their experiences in Japan for their current activities, such as building value chains in the agricultural field, building a digital purchasing system for agricultural products, developing and maintaining power transmission systems, introducing renewable energy projects, promoting collaboration between a Japanese IT company and a Mozambique educational institution and so on. They also explained their future prospects.

Next, three Japanese companies in Japan gave presentations on their business outlines, internship contents, collaboration status with the Mozambican educational institution, etc. The attendees had opportunities to deepen their thoughts on methods and ideas for collaboration with Japanese companies.
Another three Japanese companies in Mozambique gave explanations of their local businesses and their prospects for expanding their businesses and promoting business collaborations between Mozambique and Japan.

Afterwards, an ABE Ex-participant gave an explanation of the Mozambique Alumni Association, which consists of of ABE Ex- and current participants and aims to promote collaboration between Mozambique and Japanese companies.

In the closing remarks, Mr. Kazuki Otsuka, JICA Mozambique Chief Representative, expressed his gratitude to all the ABE Ex-participants and the Japanese companies that participated in this event in addition to giving words of encouragement to the ABE 10 batch participants, who will be studying in Japan from this fall.

After the event, there was an opportunity for Mozambican government officials, local Japanese companies, current ABE Ex- and current participants to interact with each other at the onsite venue, and to share ideas for activities and collaborations after returning to Mozambique. This led to new networking creations among the persons involved.
Through this event, ABE Ex- and current participants had the opportunity to deepen their learning from each other's experiences and activities, exchange opinions, and further strengthen their networks. Furthermore, the event helped to further promote understanding of the ABE Initiative program among Japanese companies and Mozambique government officials.

JICA will continue to strengthen the networks of ABE participants and to promote collaboration with Japanese companies. In addition, JICA on behalf of the Japanese government will strive to develop more human resources who can contribute to a bridge-building between Africa and Japan.


(Greetings from Minister of Science, Technology, and Higher Education, Mr. Nivagara)


(Media response by JICA Mozambique Chief Representative, Mr. Otsuka)


(Presentation by an ABE Ex-participant)


(Business introduction of a Japanese company that utilizes ABE participants)


(Venue scene)


(Group photo at the venue with Minister Nivagara, Counselor Iwasaki, JICA Mozambique Chief Representative Otsuka, ABE EX-participants, etc.)


(Commemorative photo taken with online participants)