Volunteer Report. ' Supporting equipment in the medical field.'


Name: Yu Sasaki
Speciality: Physiotherapy

We recently donated five treatment beds and one training staircase to the physiotherapy unit to which I am assigned. During the handover ceremony held at Kamuzu Central Hospital, the hospital director and the head of JICA office were present.
At present, physiotherapy is a new and developing field in Malawi and is only available in a limited number of hospitals and clinics. As a result, there is a lack of knowledge, skills, supplies and equipment for physiotherapy.
Apart from treating patients, I am also involved in transferring skills to counterparts and leading in 5S improvements. It has taken us a long time to complete the project due to various restrictions and obstacles, but we were able to successfully complete and donate a treatment bed and a training staircase.
It’s my hope that these beds and a staircase will help the progress of physiotherapy in this country in the future.


Staircase for rehabilitation


A bed for rehabilitation


Handover ceremony with the hospital director and the head of the JICA office

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